Zoom Video SDK Released “Zoom Video Technology Can Be Applied to Other Apps”


Zoom Video Communications (now called Zoom) has released a Video Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes HD video, audio, and two-way communication functions. It allows developers around the world to incorporate zoom technology into their native user interfaces (UIs) when implementing video-based applications and desktop experiences.

With the Zoom Video SDK, second- and third-party developers can apply the benefits of Zoom technology to their products and applications and create exciting new experiences that will engage customers and explore new revenue-generating opportunities.

Developers can apply the Zoom Video SDK in a variety of ways. In the social field, Zoom’s functionality can be integrated into social media applications to provide a consistent, participatory communication experience. Real-time streaming with two-way chat is an example.

In games, Zoom’s HD video, audio and interactive communication capabilities allow you to create desktop game applications that appeal to your audience in new ways, enhancing the shopping experience and generating revenue, the company explained.

With the Zoom Video SDK, developers can develop apps and features that enhance the customer experience, reduce conflict in the user experience, create a space for audience participation and increase accessibility.

Meanwhile, Zoom has created a developer platform that takes into account the needs and goals of the developer. Zoom Developer Platform allows service providers and developers to create applications and integration functions on Zoom’s integrated communication platform and to implement various functions in their applications, such as video, voice, content sharing and chat. The Zoom Developer Platform includes the కేషన్ API (Application Programming Interface) ▲ SDK hat chatbot ▲ Webhooks ▲ app and integrated function distribution. ciokr@idg.co.kr


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