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Xiaomi officially announced the MIUI 12.5 update late last year, with recurring updates, some new features and improvements. Normal MIUI 12 skin. Highlights of the Android 11-based custom skin are aesthetic changes, new privacy options, another dynamic wallpapers and a new MIUI + feature that mirrors Xiaomi smartphones to the computer. In addition, Xiaomi claims that the new MIUI is 12.5 Lighter, faster and more efficient than the previous one. The MIUI 12.5 update will be available for all eligible devices by the end of this year. Quickly view Xiaomi’s MIUI 12.5 update list, release date, features, downloads, and other eligible devices here.

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MIUI 12.5 update release date in India

The release date of the MIUI 12.5 update in India has not yet been announced, but the company at the Mi 11 Global launch in February Revealed For international devices, the skin will start moving to qualified devices in early April. We are uming that the MIUI 12.5 update will also be available to Xiaomi customers in India at the same time.

MIUI 12.5 features

1. MIUI +

MIUI + MIUI 12.5

MIUI 12.5 features include MIUI +, which mirrors the smartphone for Windows PC. According to a XDA Developers Report, the feature allows users to view phone notifications on the desktop, use selected apps, and other basic features such as copying text on the phone and pasting it on the desktop. MIUI + is only available on selected Xiaomi phones like Mi10 Ultra, Mi10 Pro, Mi10, Mi9Pro 5G, Mi9, Redmi K30 Ultra, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro.

2. Privacy

MIUI 12.5 is also said to be more privacy-centric Clipboard protection, file storage (sandbox mechanism), browser and location (blur location).

– Clipboard protection keeps a log of each application and lets users know what goes over the copy.
– Blur Positioning Ready
In some cases disguise user locations a few meters away from the exact location to improve security.
-Browser can prevent downloads from web pages that are considered malicious. The company has also made changes to how sites track users through the browser.
-And, MIUI 12.5 allows Users can split photos and data independently without allowing them to access apps with the sandbox mechanism.

3. New Dynamic Wallpapers

Xiaomi has introduced new dynamic wallpapers like MIUI 12.5 The highest mountain in the Kyonglai Mountain Range in western China – an iceberg taken from Mount Sigunyang. In addition to the Mars and Earth wallpapers announced with the standard MIUI 12, the wallpapers are suitable for day and night time.

4. Notification sounds and haptic feedback

MIUI 12.5 receives renewed notification sounds from natural animals from four major habitats – South American rainforest, Australia, East African grasslands and the Arctic Circle. System sounds are inspired by natural elements such as wood, sand and water. The new leather brings better haptic feedback to compatible smartphones.

5. MIUI LIght Cone Motion Effect Architecture

Custom Skin Refreshed “MIUI Light Cone Motion Effect Architecture”, which has a unique thread for gestures and schedules priority with improved response time.

6. MIUI Notes

New notes app available to you with MIUI 12.5 Now add quick mind notes and create brain maps (notes timeline) with just one click. The app also brings a new typewriting system with graffiti function, optimization for finger painting (with 4 brush strokes), quick abbreviation window to quickly reduce notes and enhance aesthetics with dynamic grids.

These are some of the top features of MIUI 12.5. In addition to these, Xiaomi Custom Skin also has fast performance Uninstalling system applications such as Me Calculator, Notes app, Weather, Compass, Scanner and Mi Recorder.

MIUI 12.5 Download

Users will be notified when the MIUI 12.5 download link is available for their devices. They can check manually for the MIUI 12.5 update by searching for the phone’s Settings -> ‘System Update’ -> and tapping the ‘Check Now’ option. If there is any update, you will see a download / install button on the screen. The public beta version of the MIUI 12.5 Global version is already available for some devices.

MIUI 12.5 Update List: Qualified Equipment

Xiaomi has announced a bunch of Redmi and Mi devices that will receive the MIUI 12.5 update. However, POCO devices do not yet have the term, including POCO F1 and POCO X3. The MIUI 12.5 update list for the global version is as follows:

  • Wednesday 11
  • Mi 10T Pro
  • M 10 t
  • Mi 10 Pro
  • Mi 10 Lite 5G
  • My Note 10 Pro
  • My Note 10
  • My Note 10 Lite
  • Redmi Note 9T
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9S
  • Redmi Note 9
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi9

Mi 11 However, M 10 t, Mi 10T Pro, And Mi 10 Pro Get the MIUI 12.5 update from April or May, the rest of the supported devices are scheduled to update Last Q2 2021. There are reports that MIUI 12.5 has been updated for POCO F1, which has since The company stated “మOre equipment ” Get the MIUI 12.5 update in the second half of the year. In China, MIUI 12.5 is also on the list of eligible devices

  • Mi 10 Ultra
  • Mi 10 Youth Edition
  • Redmi K30
  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Redmi K30 Pro 5G
  • Redmi K30i5G
  • Redmi K30S Ultra
  • Redmi K30 Ultra
  • Wednesday 9
  • We 9 SE
  • My CC9e
  • Mi CC9 Pro
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Redmi 10X5G
  • Redmi 10X Pro 5G
  • Redmi Note 9 5G
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro


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