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It’s been a while since Xiaomi had a competitor in the entry-level smartphone market, but that’s changing Redmi A1. Just Rs. Starting at Rs 6,499, the device takes its roots from the device Mi A1 (Review) started about five years ago. It has Google’s stock Android Go skin and a bunch of other features that make it an attractive option in the budget space. Rs. The competition in the sub-7,000 space is by no means short and it’s time to see if the Redmi A1 really stands out in the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčcomparable devices.


For its price, the Redmi A1 does a good job of offering the features the budget crowd wants. The design style is ergonomic, the battery life is good and the software is free of bloatware. However, users looking to get more performance out of their smartphones should look towards the higher price point.


On the outside, the Redmi A1 is designed to be as minimalistic as possible, which isn’t surprising considering how much it costs. The plastic back has a single-tone, textured finish that looks very clean and prevents smudging. As for the in-hand feel, the Redmi A1 is very light, easy to hold and slips comfortably into the pocket. The device still uses a micro-USB port on the bottom along with a headphone jack and speaker grill. The dual camera is mounted vertically and is almost flush with the chassis while the volume and power buttons are on the side.

On the display side of things, the Redmi A1 sports a standard 6.52-inch HD+ LCD panel that can refresh at 60Hz. There is a waterdrop-style notch up top for the selfie camera. Overall, expectations from budget phones are low as far as viewing experience goes, and the Redmi A1 doesn’t do much to change that. The certification you get is Widevine L3, which is good enough for SD streaming on OTT platforms. At 400nits of brightness, outdoor usage is slightly affected in sunny conditions, but indoors the screen is fine.

Optics are handled by an 8MP primary shooter, which uses an AI lens to enhance colors. In daylight or cloudy conditions, the sensor does a good job of capturing detail. I was impressed with the fast shutter speed, although it was difficult to focus the subject. Dynamic range and exposure handling are decent, with the sensor tending to overblow highlights.


I recommend not using the camera in low light as the shots produced are, to put it mildly, not good. Detail is missing and in most cases, if ambient light is not visible, the final output will be overprocessed and underexposed. The 5MP camera on the front does an average job of capturing and reproducing facial details.

For processing purposes the Redmi A1 uses the Helio A22 SoC, which is slightly underpowered. I have added some benchmark scores to show that the device is not meant for heavy-duty tasks, as can be expected from entry-level devices. However, the presence of Google’s stripped-down Android Go platform, which isn’t really resource-hungry, helps the overall navigation experience. There’s a momentary lag when switching between some apps, and having just 2GB of RAM doesn’t leave much room for background activities. BGMI And PUBG is a new state Not compatible with the device and only low-end games run normally on the phone.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has dispensed with the MIUI skin in this case and gone for a cleaner Android 12 Go alternative. Among other things, the software has optimized versions of some apps to make them easier for a smartphone to handle. I’m not sure how many software updates Xiaomi promises with the Redmi A1 but the overall UI experience is up to my liking.

There’s also a single bottom-firing speaker, which is affordable, but lacks a fingerprint sensor for authentication. The 5,000mAh battery should last at least a couple of days as the chipset lacks heavy processing. The 10W charger provided with the box will juice up the phone in around two hours.

Final judgment

The Redmi A1 is the best thanks to a combination of clean software, ergonomic design and durable battery life. If you’re looking to do some heavy processing work or capture good photos, this might not be the price segment to look at. Realme and POCO also offer similar devices in terms of specs on offer compared to the price. However, the stock Android interface is the current Rs. What sets the Redmi A1 apart in a landscape of 7,000 phones.

Expert Rating: 3.5 / 5


  • Minimalist design
  • Clean software
  • Good battery life


  • Average cameras
  • Low performance


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Written By [Baji Infotech]