Xiaomi Holts Android 11 Update Rollout After Breaking Issues For Me A3


Xiaomi has stopped releasing the Android 11 update for the Mi A3, which has caused the phone to brick. Following an update released earlier this week, many users have reported the issue on social media platforms, including Reddit. The Android 11 update for the Mi A3 is intended to bring the latest Android experience, including dialogue bubbles and enhanced Don’t Disturb (DND) mode. It comes just months after Xiaomi introduced Android 11 to other models, including the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Mi10.

Large number of affected users Complaint After installing on Twitter Android 11 To them Mi A3, The phone is completely dead. It does not turn on the bootloader or wake up when connected to a PC Thread In Reddit. This state is often called Briking.

“My Mi A3 died after downloading Android 11” said the affected user Wrote Xiaomi India Support Account on Twitter. “I visited your service center. They can’t fix my phone. ”

There are also some customers Created a petition On the Change.org platform to request the company to replace or fix their Mi A3 for free due to the Buggy Android 11 update. This problem is not limited to the Indian market and is affecting consumers worldwide.

Xiaomi Gadgets 360 is aware of this problem and is working on a solution. However, since even the affected Mi A3 units are not waking up, there is no clarity on how the company can deliver.

“It has come to our notice that some users of the Mi A3 are having issues with the recent OTA update of Android 11,” the company said. “Although our termination has already stopped rolling out, our teams are working towards resolving the issue quickly. We regret that customer experience is our number one priority and the inconvenience this may cause. We will update all customers in the next steps.”

This is not the first time Xiaomi has faced harassment due to broken software. Some in June 2019 We 9 SE Customers Reported a similar breaking problem After MIUI Installs 10.3.1. Many To me, Redmi, And A little Customers even in November‌ The bootloop complained about the problem.

There is also the Mi A3 Faulty firmware will be affected by the update Discontinued its second SIM card in July. Xiaomi That problem is solved Via the latest software version. The Android 10 There is also an update for the Mi A3 Stopped twice Due to multiple issues reported after its initial two releases.

Xiaomi Brought The Mi A3 is the last phone based on Google Android One Being an Android One model, the phone needs to receive fast and bug-free updates. This did not happen if we look at previous records.

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