WhatsApp Stickers: How to create personalized WhatsApp stickers


WhatsApp stickers really hurt this among the users. Whether still or animated, stickers have become a great way to express and communicate with friends and family on WhatsApp chat. You can download the stickers available on the web or create your personalized stickers on WhatsApp. How do you think? We are here to show you. Download and send them to your chats to learn how to make stickers on WhatsApp. Even if you can share WhatsApp stickers through the desktop, you will not be able to download or create new ones. With this in mind, grab your Android mobile phone / iPhone and follow these steps to make stickers on WhatsApp:

How to make stickers on WhatsApp

The steps for making stickers on WhatsApp on iPhone or Android mobile phone are the same. No built-in tools, you need to download a third party app to create stickers.

How to make whatsapp stickers
  • Go to the app market. For Android users, this is it Google Play Store, IPhone users can go App Store
  • Download the Sticker Maker app
  • Once it is installed, open the app and look for ‘Create a new sticker pack’
  • Label the sticker with the pack name and author
  • Open the sticker pack and you will see 30 blank tiles
  • Tap on the empty tray to add an image from the gallery or your camera
  • The image opens in the photo editor, where you can erase the background with the Smart Select option or freehand or crop the image into a square or circle.
  • Add text or outline if you want and hit the ‘Save Sticker’ option
  • Once you have made the stickers, you will have the option to ‘Add to WhatsApp’.

How To Send Whatsapp Stickers

After adding the sticker (s), you can share them on WhatsApp for Android or iOS using the steps used for regular WhatsApp stickers.

  • Open WhatsApp Chat
  • Tap on the emoji icon, then ‘Stickers’. This is next to the GIF option
  • Look for the sticker pack you recently created
  • Tap on the sticker you want to send to WhatsApp chats and it will be shared
  • You can also send WhatsApp stickers via desktop using the same steps

How To Download WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers

There are different types of WhatsApp stickers available on the web. With these simple steps you can download and share them with your friends and family

  • Go to WhatsApp and tap on the emoji icon next to the chat box
  • From there, click on ‘Stickers’, which will be next to the gif and look for the ‘+’ icon. This will open the WhatsApp Stickers Store
  • Under ‘All Stickers’, you will see a list of available third party stickers
  • Click on the download icon next to the sticker pack to save it on your phone
  • If you do not want to save the entire pack, long press the WhatsApp sticker you want to download -> click on ‘Add’

It also offers the option of ‘get more stickers’ from the WhatsApp Play Store for Android. The option will be at the bottom of the WhatsApp Stickers store. Tap on it to go to Google Play Store to download apps dedicated to WhatsApp stickers. This option is not yet available for iPhone users.

How To Make Gif Stickers On Whatsapp

Creating an animated gift sticker on WhatsApp is not as easy as downloading them (using the steps above). You can use third party web tools like ezgif.

  • Open your browser and go to the EJIF website: https://ezgif.com/
  • Select the ‘Webmaker’ option and press the ‘Select Files’ button
  • Upload the media you want to gif sticker
  • Drag down to remove background from media and click on ‘slack frames’
  • Adjust the quality if you want and select the ‘Make Web’ option
  • Adjust the file size and click on the ‘Resize Image’ option
  • If you are on a smartphone or right-click on a desktop to download an image, press Longer. If you use a PC, you will need to copy the animated gif sticker to your phone
  • Now, ask your friend to send you a sticker that is not in your WhatsApp library
  • Replace the new sticker file with the gif WhatsApp sticker you just created. To do this, sort your phone’s file manager -> Internal Storage -> WhatsApp Media -> WhatsApp Stickers -> Sort the file in descending order by date so that you have a recent sticker on top of the file -> Long click on your friend sticker Share -> Rename and select Copy the entire file name
  • Go back and find your custom file and rename it with the text you just copied. Then, copy and paste the sticker and go to WhatsApp Media -> WhatsApp Stickers ->.
  • Finally, close the WhatsApp app and clear the cache. The sticker shared by your friend will be replaced by your custom gift sticker, the next time you open WhatsApp

Save the WhatsApp sticker in your library for future use. The laborious process of creating a custom gif WhatsApp sticker is only available to WhatsApp users on Android. IPhone users cannot currently make custom gift stickers.


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