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WhatsApp Status Download: Liked whatsapp status and want to download it on your device without asking the source? Here is a step-by-step guide. The social messaging platform does not allow users to download the status set by their contacts. However, there is an alternative. If this is an image, you can grab a screenshot to download WhatsApp status on your Android mobile phone / iPhone. But, what about WhatsApp status video? How to download WhatsApp status video on your device? Don’t worry, we’ve covered you there too. You can download any WhatsApp status video with the procedure listed below. Take a look:

WhatsApp Status Download

You do not need a third party app to download WhatsApp status video on Android mobile phone / iPhone. This can be done using the tools / apps available on your smartphone.

How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos On Android Mobile Phone

WhatsApp Status Download
  • Go to WhatsApp and see the status you want to download
  • Now, open the ‘File Manager’ application. The app may go by other names depending on your manufacturer. For example, I have the ‘My Files’ app on my Samsung mobile phone to manage all the files and folders on the device
  • Go to the app’s settings page and turn on the ‘Show hidden system files’ settings
  • Now, go back to the app’s home page and select Internal Storage, then WhatsApp -> Media -> .Status
  • In the ‘Status’ folder, you will see the WhatsApp status of all watches
  • Long press the WhatsApp status video, copy the file and paste it into your ‘DCIM’ or any other folder that appears

This will save the WhatsApp status video on your device and it will remain the same even after the status disappears. If the video is saved in the DCIM folder, you can also access it from the phone’s Gallery / Photos app.

How To Download WhatsApp Status Videos On iPhone

The steps to download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone are different for Android phones. You do not need to start showing hidden system files in the file manager application, go to the WhatsApp folder, and then Media, .statuses and all.

How To Download WhatsApp Status Video
  • To download WhatsApp status videos on iphone, go to ‘Control Center’ and select screen recording option
  • If the option does not appear there, open the iPhone’s Settings menu -> ‘Control Center’ -> and click on the ‘+’ icon next to the screen recording option
  • With Screen Recording, go to WhatsApp -> Status Window -> and play the WhatsApp status video you want to download
  • Once the entire video is recorded, swipe up and down and tap Stop Recording from the notification panel. Alternatively, you can press the power button. Video is automatically saved in your phone’s Photos app

You can edit the irrelevant part when you set the video as your WhatsApp status.


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