WhatsApp features launched so far in 2021: Mute videos, desktop calling and more

WhatsApp Features to launch in 2021 Started moving out. Recently, the company added much-anticipated voice and video call support for desktop users. WhatsApp has added more options for users to customize the content they want to share with their contacts. This is one of the many reasons why many people still like Facebook despite its proprietary social messaging platform. Controversial privacy policy It came from every corner of the globe. Take a quick look at the top WhatsApp features launched so far in 2021:

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WhatsApp features launched so far in 2021

WhatsApp voice and video calling feature on desktop

WhatsApp features launched in 2021

This is a very ntic retrieval feature from WhatsApp. The WhatsApp voice and video calling feature was made available by the company to some desktop users until last year. Now, everyone WhatsApp desktop app can make voice and video calls Using the big screen. Currently, you can make voice and video calls one by one from desktop to WhatsApp contacts. Support for group voice and video calls will be added in a future update, refer to reports.

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Mute videos

WhatsApp now allows users to mute before sharing videos. It is possible for users to encounter playing a video with full volume in a meeting. Currently, this feature is only available on WhatsApp for Android with the latest update. To Mute Videos -> Go to WhatsApp Contact or Status screen and click Add to My Status -> Tap the Camera Icon or go to the gallery to select the video -> WhatsApp opens the preview of the video along with the editing tools -> Look for the muted audio icon below the progress bar for the video > Tap to mute the audio and send the video to a friend or group or upload it as your WhatsApp status. That’s it!

Unlock WhatsApp Web, Desktop App Face and Fingerprint

WhatsApp Web Biometric Feature

WhatsApp recently added a security layer for its desktop app and web. Introduced by the company Face and fingerprint unlock When linking devices to prevent unauthorized access. Prior to this change, one was taken directly to the QR code scanner, which allowed WhatsApp to run through the browser / client. To enable this feature, open WhatsApp on your phone -> ‘More options’ or ‘Settings’ -> tap WhatsApp Web / Desktop and link the device -> Enable biometric authentication from the screen below. This feature is available for both Android and iOS versions of the messaging platform.

WhatsApp has released an update following the release of its controversial privacy policy and terms of use. The The update added a banner ‌ in the WhatsApp mobile app, Allowing users to review its policy, which takes effect May 15. This policy makes it mandatory for users to share data with other Facebook companies. WhatsApp warns that accounts that do not agree to the new policy will be listed as “inactive” and that these inactive accounts may be deleted after 120 days.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Multi-device support

This is a much awaited feature from WhatsApp. Multi-device support allows users to log into WhatsApp on four devices simultaneously without a linked phone. Currently, you can only log in to your desktop if your linked phone has an active internet connection. The company has recently been testing a new logout feature, which suggests that WhatsApp’s multi-device support launch is just around the corner.

Self-destructive photos

After self-destroying messages, now WhatsApp Plans to add self-destructive photos to its platform. This feature is said to automatically delete photos sent to the chat after a while. This is similar to how Instagram’s Direct’s disappearing messages work. WhatsApp’s self-destructive photo feature is currently in the works and is likely to be released in Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp through a future update.

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WhatsApp is also working on the ‘Read Later’ feature, which will soon lead to users. ‘Read later’ is similar to archived chats, but better. This feature comes with a number of improvements, such as ‘vacation mode’, the ‘Edit button’ for customization, and the ability to ensure that chats work the same way as chats archived in the current stable version. To select multiple chats at once and archive them quickly.


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