Want Twitter blue tick? Pay around Rs 660 to get verified, says Elon Musk


Musk emphasized that the pricing will be regional based on the purchasing power of the population. So the Twitter Blue Tick price in India may be lower than the $8 announced for the US. Region-wise pricing details are yet to be revealed.

Twitter Blue Tick Price, Perks

Musk started the thread by taking a dig at the current “lords” and “peasants” on Twitter (verified and unverified users, respectively) and mocking the current verification system, which is still considered a novelty by many. Blue Tick was initially offered for free after manually checking public figures through Twitter.

Initially, reports suggested that the premium Twitter feature would cost $20, but due to the ongoing backlash, the CEO seems to have reconsidered things and the adjusted price has now come down to $8. Elon himself admits that the price is adjusted by country according to purchasing power parity.

With the premium $8 Twitter feature, users not only get the coveted blue tick, but also get prioritized replies, mentions and searches that effectively beat spam/scam. Furthermore, users can post longer videos and audios. Paying customers will now also see half as many ads.

For publishers, paying $8 means gaining the ability to add a paywall to their content. All of this essentially means that Twitter can generate a revenue stream, which Musk says can be used to reward content creators on the platform.

For those who already have a verified handle on Twitter and worry about losing prominence, a public figure has a secondary tag under their name, so all hope is definitely not lost. However, it is not yet clear whether the non-paying celebrity will lose their Blue Tick.

While Elon has yet to reveal when it will all go live, previous reports suggest he’s wasting no time and has already asked the team to release material by November 7th. It also remains to be seen how quickly the platform can roll out the “feature” in countries like India where the Twitter Blue feature is yet to go live.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]