Vivo X60, X60 Pro, and X60 Pro + feature ‘Virtual RAM’ technology for faster performance

The Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro debuted In China last December, more were launched later Vivo X60 Pro + In January. Fortunately for the Indian public, three devices in Vivo’s X60 lineup will soon be launched in India. Vivo announced Vivo X60 Series India Launch on March 25. As these smartphones have already landed in China, their features are out of date. However, Vivo has now sent a press release to the media revealing the unique feature of the device called ‘Virtual RAM’. What is this feature and how does it benefit the user? Well, here is everything you need to know about it.

The Vivo X60 Series features virtual RAM technology

According to Vivo, the I live X60, X60 Pro, Yet X60 Pro + Features virtual RAM technology. Vivo’s virtual RAM uses the device’s 3GB of internal storage as RAM, primarily to increase RAM capacity. For example, if you buy an 8GB RAM version of any X60 Series device, it will theoretically have 11GB of RAM (8GB of actual RAM + 3GB of RAM as part of the internal storage).

With the help of additional 3GB RAM capacity, X60 series smartphones have more applications in memory. This reduces application load time. According to Vivo, the X60 series has a maximum of 20 applications in its memory, with an average number of 16 to 17 applications. Since this technology reduces the time required to switch between applications, you will get faster and smoother performance.

Vivo X60 series smartphones have UFS 3.1 storage, which is currently the fastest storage on Android smartphones. However, it should be noted that UFS 3.1 storage is nowhere as fast as RAM. Therefore, it takes longer to load apps from internal storage. To solve this problem, Vivo claims that it moves passive applications to the RAM partition that is part of the internal storage and keeps the active applications in the actual RAM partition loading faster.

The Vivo X60 series devices were the first smartphones to use this memory optimization technology. No smartphone has had this feature in the past. Although the benefit of the feature in real life use has not yet been tested, it looks interesting on paper.


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