Video: Parked electric scooter catches fire on the roadside in Odisha


A fire broke out in an electric scooter parked in Odisha

An electric scooter caught fire Ulunda Block Office in Sonepur District of Odisha State. An electric scooter belonging to Rabi Narayan Senapathy, a resident of the area, caught fire while it was parked on the side of the road.

The incident took place when scooter owner Rabi went to make a purchase at a nearby shop and parked the EV on the roadside. While the e-scooter was parked, the batteries exploded and caught fire. The flames eventually engulfed the entire scooter and the EV was completely gutted.

Firefighters immediately reached the spot and took control of the burning EV. However, the fire seems to have completely destroyed the scooter and the video shows that the EV was burnt beyond saving. The cause of the fire is still unclear. However, no casualties associated with the incident have been reported so far.

EVs catching fire is not an isolated incident in the country and reports from various parts of the country have shown the safety hazards posed by e-two wheelers in the country. The government has mandated safety guidelines for manufacturers to establish quality standardization.

Recently, a delivery agent in Delhi was riding his e-scooter A fatality was narrowly avoided While travelling, his e-scooter caught fire. Another incident in Andhra Pradesh destroyed 36 electric scooters in a showroom A fire started from a faulty battery. However, the burning problem is getting worse with many people losing their lives due to electric scooters catching fire.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]