Unity unveiled the latest features of the Unity engine at ‘GDC 2021’


Unity unveils new Unity engine at Game Developer Conference (GDC) Showcase 2021 online

With the launch of ‘Unity 2020 Long Term Support (LTS)’, Unity has announced the key features of the upcoming ‘Unity 2021.1 Tech Stream’.

In Unity 2020 LTS, bug fixes, improved stability through regular updates and a two-year support period were applied. Big improvements, the ability to rearrange the list of arrangements, the speed of entering play mode and the improvement in the prefab workflow to improve the productivity and speed of large scenes.

Unity 2021.1, Unity’s latest engine, will be released in late March, focusing on improving visual scripting, netcode and render pipeline. Visual scripting allows you to create game interactions and behaviors using node-based graphs instead of code, which is provided as the main feature of Unity Editor.

This allows artists and designers who do not have coding knowledge to do more work in the editor without the help of programmers, as well as facilitate scripting logic, thereby facilitating collaboration between different members of the team. This release will be by optimizing the local visual scripting workflow to increase productivity.

Additionally, it supports Unity’s own netcode solution for multiplayer game management, the ‘Unity Transport Package’, and in the case of the render pipeline, the graphics package is integrated into the Core Unity engine. It makes it easy to work with new graphics features and the latest versions of Universal Render Pipeline and High Resolution Render Pipeline, Shader Graph and VFX Graph.

In addition, the performance of the next generation 2D graphics has also been greatly improved. New camera-aligned layer textures allow you to create refractive water and fog effects and pre-render lighting textures to improve memory bandwidth and frame times on mobile devices. Accordingly, it is possible to increase the power efficiency of Unity Creator content on various mobile devices without additional work.

In addition, Apprais 2.0 is a new adaptation of ArtEngine, a content creation tool based on Unity’s Artificial Intelligence (AI). With Upress 2.0, older assets can be upgraded to newer standards and applied to future content for next-generation consoles and platforms. ciokr@idg.co.kr


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