Twitter to give grey ‘Official’ label to verified accounts to separate them from paid blue ticks


Select Twitter accounts to receive two checkmarks

Twitter’s Esther Crawford, who is responsible for the company’s new Twitter Blue subscription, confirmed via tweet that accounts eligible for the new ‘Official’ label will get a special gray checkmark in addition to the regular blue tick. While it addresses many of the anticipated issues, the new label will only be offered to “government accounts, commercial entities, business partners, major media organizations, publishers and certain public figures.” Crawford also confirmed that not all previously verified accounts will be able to get the new label.

It is currently unclear how a user can apply for a gray checkmark. However, Gray Checkmark isn’t available to everyone, including those willing to pay for it.

Furthermore, Crawford confirmed that Twitter’s blue checkmark does not require any ID verification. The company will also continue “Experiment with ways to distinguish between account types.”

Finally, Crawford showed off a mock-up of the planned ‘official’ gray checkmark using the main Twitter account. The checkmark is below the account name and account handle.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]