Twitter gets a breaker podcasting platform to help build Twitter spaces


The podcasting platform Breaker said Monday that their team is part of Twitter to apply its expertise to audio experiences in the one-to-one messaging service.

The financial terms of the deal did not disclose the motives behind the four-year-old breaker in San Francisco.

“I joined Twitter To help build wTwitterSpaces, “Breaker co-founder Leah Culver said in a tweet.

“I miss the breaker so much. I’m so excited to create the future of audio conversations.”

Breaker co-founder Eric Berlin announced the acquisition Blog post, Says he and Culver will help create new experiences for users on Twitter.

“At Breaker here, we are really passionate about audio communication and we are inspired by the ways Twitter facilitates public conversations for people around the world,” Berlin said.

Michael Montano, leader of the Twitter engineering team, confirmed the union by tweeting that Culver, Berlin and breaker designer Emma Lundin are joining the company.

“I look forward to working with the breaker team,” Montano tweeted From his Verified Account.

Breaker apps for powered smartphones Apple Or Google-Backed Android software allows users to find and listen to podcasts.

“When we started Breaker, podcast apps were like productivity apps, feed readers, and to-do lists,” Berlin said.

“Added social social element with features like liking and commenting on breaker episodes.”

The breaker closes its platform on January 15, allowing users time to move to new forums to listen to podcasts and subscriptions.

Twitter recently began allowing a “very small” group of users to create spaces, which became online platforms “built around the voices of the people who use Twitter.”

Twitter can invite up to 10 people to speak on the site and, according to a blog post about the project, there is no limit to the number of people who can just listen.

“This is your place to share ideas, send emojis and more,” the Twitter post said.

“We expand the list of people who can create spaces over time.”

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