Tip to launch Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and ‘Double-Fold’ phone this year


Samsung releases two flagship smartphone series each year, the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note. However, this year Samsung has decided to skip the Galaxy Note series. Instead, the brand is betting heavily on foldable smartphones. Now, according to a New report from Nikki Asia, Samsung is working on three new foldable smartphones Fold Galaxy Z3, Galaxy Z Flip3, And the ‘double-fold’ device. Interestingly, Samsung claims that it will release these three folding smartphones later this year. According to Nicky, Samsung is working hard to increase production of foldable smartphones, with the goal of selling more foldable devices by 2021 as it has sold the Galaxy Note series.

Although not much detail is mentioned about the double-fold smartphone in the publication, its aim is to provide an aspect ratio of 16: 9 or 18: 9 when fully open to avoid scaling problems. Galaxy Z Fold 2 Suffer. The design of this double-folding device is yet to be finalized, but it has an application-friendly design factor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Dual Fold 02

Since the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip is coming, it will be known as the Galaxy Z Flip 2 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 (since then Galaxy Z Flip 5G Considered the second generation Galaxy Z Flip). The new Galaxy Z Flip comes in 4G and 5G versions. Reports suggest that Samsung will keep the new Z Flip as a budget flagship. As for the Galaxy Fold 3, its details are very limited at the moment.

The Korean tech giant has so far patented some of the designs of double folding smartphones. One of the patents that came in 2018 had two small panels that could be folded. The util advantage of this design is that one of the foldable panels can be used as a keyboard, while the rest of the screen can display estate content, improving productivity. Whatever the final design, these are definitely interesting times for the folding industry.


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