The transparent TWS Earbuds pair unveiled nothing but Concept 1


Concept 1 Our first look at what Carl Pee did for nothing. Former OnePlus CEO Carl Pee has spoken out strongly His new attempt was nothing, Since the beginning of this year. However, he left out a few tips that suggest starting with starting a company Pair of TWS earbuds. Let us now see what the first TWS Yearbuds look like. Official Nothing Blog. This is called ‘Concept 1’ and it expresses the ‘design principles of nothing’ such as transparency, weightlessness, effortlessness and timeliness. It’s just the concept design and the end product is “very sexy”, says Pee.

Transparent TWS earbuds are coming soon

Pee’s blog post is nothing, “Despite the fact that the brand name is prominently displayed on the stem of the earphones, peel off everything like unnecessary branding on the surface. While we may not see much from this perspective, it seems to have been largely ‘influenced’ by the design of the Apple Airpods. When the short stem looks classy, ​​it is somewhat difficult to find lost transparent earbuds. Nothing is intentional, though it is one of the weightless lynchpins of design philosophy.

Also, Inspired by Concept 1 “Grandma Tobacco Pipe”. Pee says nothing is inspired by “everyday objects” for relativity. At present we know of nothing but future endeavors. The works may also include the Nothing-branded smartphone, which was suggested later Buy the brand of Essential. Earbuds can only be expected to conform to the huge hype around them.


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