The Samsung display flexes its muscles by showing some great foldable devices


Samsung Display always pushes the envelope when developing new ways to interact with our devices. It is now Performed Some exciting new technologies like a tri-folding tablet, foldable laptop, slide display, and under-display camera sensor. When it comes to foldable devices, Samsung leads the charge with likes Galactic fold, Galaxy Z Flip, And much more. It should be noted that these products are still in the prototype stage, so we may have some time before we see them in action.


Earlier this year, TCL unveiled its tri-fold tablet. LG has been packing rollover OLED screens for a while, and OPPO has made the world a slide OPPO X 2021. However, Samsung was one of the first OEMs to display a 17-inch foldable laptop. It also shows a portable OLED screen that can be used as an external display for your smartphone/laptop.

As mentioned earlier, we can always find most of the products mentioned above in the retail market. At best, we can see the tri-fold tablet being unveiled along with the exterior display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The foldable laptop concept looks very interesting because it can completely re-examine how it interacts with one’s laptop. It could herald a new era of large form-factor tablets, doubling down on laptops if needed. Its foldable OLED screen costs pretty much money, replacing some of them with a lack of keyboard and other input options.


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