The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy M12 in the budget segment with 90 Hz display, 8Nm Exynos processor, True 48MP camera, and 6,000mAh battery!

Gone are the days when smartphone OEMs cut corners when designing a phone for the affordable segment. In fact, devices that retail at wallet-friendly prices these days offer exceptional features and you can thank tech giant Samsung for driving this change forward with its M-series smartphones. From the outset, the company’s M-Series offered features never seen before at a great price, including mammoth batteries, stunning AMOLED displays, stunning cameras and more. Surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy M-Series handsets have always been in tremendous demand and teasers for the brand’s newest Samsung Galaxy M12 are guaranteed to do the rest, and this phone will even fly off the shelves. Why, you might ask? Well, here is everything the brand has revealed so far about the smartphone.

Immersive view with 90Hz display

Central to the Samsung Galaxy M12 is a 6.5-inch Infinity-V display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. For beginners, the 90Hz refresh rate makes the animations and UI transitions on the display ultra-smooth and snappy. Most devices in the affordable segment are still shipped with a 60Hz screen, which allows you to jump in and out of the app, scrolling the web or gaming the gaming experience. This means that the Samsung Galaxy M12 is in its own league and offers a premium display experience that will be appreciated by prospective buyers. Add a large 6.5-inch screen with a small Infinity-V line and you get the perfect smartphone for a movie viewing experience and comfortable gaming sessions. In fact, you will find it very difficult to find a great smartphone like the Galaxy M12 in the affordable segment that offers such a delicate user experience on the display front.

Seamless performance with 8nm Exynos processor

Samsung is leaving no stone unturned on the performance front with the Samsung Galaxy M12. This smartphone works with an internal 8nm Exynos chip, which is very rare in the affordable segment. Although the company has not revealed the core specs of the processor, it is clear that the chip will greatly benefit the battery life of the smartphone, thanks to its 8nm fabrication process. The 8nm process ensures that the Samsung Galaxy M12 has longer screen-on times, efficient power consumption and uniform heat dissipation throughout the frame of the smartphone. In fact, the smooth, log-free performance and stunning graphics take into account what we have seen in the Galaxy M-Series in the past.

As a result, even when the phone is pushed to its limit, while playing graphics-intensive games or multi-tasking on the phone, you will see its temperature spike exceptionally well. The company has not yet shared the RAM and storage variants for the smartphone, so stay tuned to this place for more updates. But, for now, let’s talk about the next interesting feature of the handset – its powerful battery.

Terrible battery lasts for days

Battery life is huge for any smartphone buyer. After all, you don’t want the phone to cause you battery worry as you go about your day. To that note, Samsung has heavily equipped the Samsung Galaxy M12 with a 6,000mAh cell, making it the largest in its segment. Consequently, even in heavy use, you can avoid at least two days of battery backup with a single charge. What’s more, it’s no small part of the smartphone’s highly efficient 8nm Exynos processor, and in moderate use you can expect the phone to last you even three days. So, if you ever come out and just use Google Maps a bit or like to binge through the whole TV show at once, you will be at home with the Samsung Galaxy M12’s never ending battery backup.

True 48MP sensor headlined picture-perfect cameras

Samsung has the advantage of providing excellent optics for its phones, which provide versatility to emerging photographers. The Samsung Galaxy M12 is no exception – the smartphone comes with a True 48MP camera to click amazing photos with a lot of detail to go into every shot. What’s more, the company’s smartphone is equipped with an upgraded Isocell GM2 sensor, which is known for its low light prowess. Accordingly, you can expect the smartphone to click silent images even after sunset. The back of the smartphone features three more camera sensors, with an effective selfie-shooter up front. While the details of the current camera sensors are not currently known, we are sure that Samsung will attract buyers when the curtains are lifted from the full specs of the device.

Needless to say, the Samsung Galaxy M12 is a very good device. Thanks to its capacious battery, high-refresh rate display, True 48MP isocell GM2 camera sensor and its battery-efficient processor, the smartphone already captures the highlights and undoubtedly competes. The smartphone will launch on March 11 at 12 noon and will be available for purchase through Furthermore, if you want to let me know about the experiment, then go ahead Or For all updates.


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