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Creating new trends in the smartphone space is the strength of OPPO from Get-Go. The brand has always introduced innovative and useful features in all its product ranges. In addition, the company’s F-Series has always focused on seraining millennials with good-looking mid-range smartphones. New OPPO F19 Pro + 5G The company’s get more than you expected ‘is an extension of the philosophy and, therefore, the most desirable and attractive mid-range smartphone currently available. I used this device for about a week and found it to be mid-ranger which punches not only the camera section but also the performance. Everything that gives this house a wonderful treat is here.

Get professional-grade footage with AI highlighted portrait video

Having a phone that clicks good pictures is no longer enough. With video content gaining popularity on social media, videography is no longer playing a second sonata to photography – in fact, creating videos for young people these days is a top priority. OPPO recognizes this demand and brings its high-end AI highlight portrait video feature F19 Pro + 5G, I was very impressed. If you do not know, AI Highlight Portrait Video combines the company’s Ultra Night Video and HDR Video Protocols, both of which use innovative algorithms to deliver stunning videos regardless of lighting conditions. All you have to do while capturing video is click on the AI ​​highlight portrait video icon in the camera app and the smartphone will dynamically adjust the settings, giving you the best video output possible, especially in limited lighting conditions.

When I picked up the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G to shoot overnight, its ultra night video feature started and dramatically improved the visibility of the night-time footage I was shooting. What’s more, the Ultra Night video did not confirm that the videos I was recording were bright and focused, but confirmed that there was less noise even in dark areas. Now this feature is very useful for people like me, because I want to go out in the evening with friends.

As you can see in the pattern, the building on the right looks bright with sharp details around the trees.

Enjoy exciting videography and photography features

The AI ​​highlight portrait video is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the camera benefits of the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G. Take dual-view video for example; It captures my own reaction to what is happening in front of me. This makes it an ideal tool for emerging vloggers – it records footage from the front and rear cameras simultaneously, resulting in video being split into two screens. Below is the dual view video we took at CyberHub in Gurgaon to test this feature!

Focus lock is another important feature of OPPO F19 Pro + 5G. As its name suggests, it allows you to lock fast and track anything that moves fast. Accordingly, whether it is a video of your pet dog running in a park or a child wandering around, Focus Lock allows the focus to always be set where you want it.

OPPO AI has introduced new enhancements to its visual recognition engine with Scene Enhancement 2.0. The phone’s AI Scene Recognition feature can now detect 22 different scenes and change the saturation and contrast levels to capture them better. While trying this feature, I discovered this cool new Dazzle color feature that also works in the background and uses a pixel-level color mapping algorithm to recreate the colors to make the images I shot more clear and natural. In short, activating AI Scene Enhancement 2.0 in any of the 22 selected scenes guarantees the best photograph of the scene. Check out some of the models I pictured below.

Things were a notch with Night Plus, which helped me take amazing overnight photos. With just one tap, this feature adapts to the camera settings to meet different colors and light levels between dark and bright spots. Interestingly, this feature also gave me the opportunity to apply one of three different filters to make the shots pop out even more. The first of the three filters is called Cosmopolitan and enhances gold colors against black backgrounds to highlight bright lights and metallic textures on buildings. Another filter is Astral, and I gave the photos a cool sci-fi look by adding green to the sky and shadows. The latter is called the dazzle and enhances the black, blue and orange colors, the city lights in the frame glow brightly.

Get unlimited power with bigger battery and faster charging

Considering all the videography and photography you do when you have this phone, the battery capacity is very clearly considered so that you can take as many videos as possible without worrying that your phones will run out of battery. For me I needed to shoot gaming and videos a lot of the time, so the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G was packed with a 4,310mAh battery that kept me going all day. With great battery backup, I was able to easily use the device for gaming, daily chores, calling, messaging and more and by the time I got around the day I had enough juice left on the phone. To make things even more fascinating, the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G comes with 50W flash charging support and it looks awesome. This phone charges very fast – in fact, with just 5 minutes of charge, I was able to enjoy 3.5 hours of video playback time, 5 hours of audio call and 1.5 hours of browsing Instagram! Thanks to the handset’s fiery fast battery charging speed, leaving your phone in a wall outlet for hours is a thing of the past.

Express your style with stunning style

One of the coolest aspects of the brightness of the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is the sleek, minimalistic design of the smartphone. Giving the phone its attractive aesthetic is the quad camera module on its back, which gives a deep sense of the text printed on the handset design and allows it to reflect a range of colors in different lighting conditions. I found the front of the phone to be sleek and classy with a 6.4-inch aperture-punch Super AMOLED screen, which takes immersion to the newest levels with a screen-to-body ratio of 90.8 percent. I was even more impressed with how OPPO was able to keep the smartphone ultra-thin and lightweight – it weighed just 173 grams and was 7.8mm thick! Ima Imagine! To top it all off, the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G comes in two beautiful colors – Fluid Black and Space Silver. I received the Fluid Block Unit‌ and got so many compliments about the phone design and I lost count.

Capture strong performance with the ultimate hardware

At the heart of the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is the 5G-ready, Dimension 800U chipset. With the Indian 5G boom a few months away, it is wise to buy a phone that ensures the ultimate download and upload speeds possible through the new connectivity standard. In addition, the chipset’s 2.4GHz octa-core processor, which works with 8GB of RAM, is perfect for providing a smoother and faster user experience, as well as running high-end games. I was amazed with the phone’s nicely tuned system performance optimizer feature, which starts automatically when the phone is loaded, to give it an instant boost and to increase swipe response by 14.9% and to reduce the overall log by 18%.

OPPO F19 Pro + 5G Smart 5G features include a 4G / 5G seamless data switch and dual network channels, which basically speed up network access by connecting to Wi-Fi and 4G / 5G channels or both Wi-Fi connections. At the same time. The phone’s 5G support gives it a huge edge with its 360 antenna 3.0 technology, which allows you to keep the signal on your phone regardless of the way you hold it.

The OPPO F19 Pro + 5G Now available for purchase through offline stores and Amazon. This handset is priced at just Rs 25,990 and like most OPPO launches, you can reduce the price of the phone by increasing the various offers available by the company including flat 7.5% cashback on HDFC. ICICI, Kotak, Bank of Baroda, and Federal Bank credit cards. Paytm customers can get 11% instant cashback, IDFC Bank customers can get EMI cashback on phone purchase. Zero down-payment option by Home Credit and HDB Financial as well as Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank and IDFC First Bank Triple Zero Scheme. On top of this, you can get a one-time screen replacement (valid for a whole year) with an extended warranty of 180 days along with an upgrade bonus of Rs 1,500 when you buy this phone – all available through OPPO AI Chatbot on WhatsApp!

Suffice it to say, I can see that these offers will attract you towards the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G, you will be impressed with the stellar cameras, superior performance and attractive design that this mid-range smartphone brings to the table. The sling of innovative features and fashionable technology is a must buy in this segment. So, what are you waiting for? Go in that direction And get your smartphone today!


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