The new rumor is that the launch of PUBG Mobile 2 will take place as early as next week


Crafton’s reports working on the PUBG Mobile Sequel and other titles set in the PUBG Universe‌ have been around for some time. One of them turned ulated PUBG Mobile 2 Will be released by June 2020. A (now deleted) Weibo A post by PlayerIGN on Twitter suggests that the PUBG Mobile 2 launch could be as early as next week. As mentioned earlier, PUBG Mobile 2 will be set in a repeat of the PUBG universe in the future (2051 year, specifically). Among other things, it gets a new map, ‘futuristic style’ and more. PUBG Mobile 2 is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

PUBG Mobile 2 features

Some other rumors are that PUBG Mobile 2 enhancements include drones and deployable bunkers, which should add a whole new dimension to the somewhat aging mechanics of Bottle Royale games. PUBG Mobile 2 may not be available worldwide at launch. Its developer, Crafton, will announce it next week, requesting players for a beta test and then launching the full version a few weeks or months after full disclosure.

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Although PlayerIGN has been very accurate with its PUBG-centric leaks in the past, we would do well to treat this information with healthy skepticism. It feels too early for Krafton to launch such a huge title, especially when its predecessors are doing well. PUBG Mobile 2 also runs the risk of cannibalizing the original PUBG mobile. However, this is good news for Indians, as they can start playing PUBG Mobile 2 the moment they touch the Indian coast.


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