The iPhone X exploded, causing second-degree burns to the consumer in Australia, here’s what happened next


According to a Report 7 News from Australia, two Apple Consumers are suing the company for blowing up and overheating equipment. In the first case, a Melbourne man IPhone X. Second degree burns that exploded in his pocket. The accident happened in 2019, but the consumer is now taking action as Apple has not responded to its concerns about the iPhone X explosion. Another Melbourne man suffered burns to his wrist following allegations that the Apple Watch overheated and is also suing Apple. Both parties are represented by Carbon lawyers in Australia and the case was filed in county court.

Apple iPhone X exploded

It is not uncommon for a smartphone to explode or catch fire suddenly. Although it is very rare, it happens once and it is the same The second reported example IPhone X catching fire. In the case of the iPhone X user, a one-year-old phone in his pocket accidentally exploded. According to scientist Robert de Rose, he heard a pop sound followed by fizz and severe pain in his right leg. When he took his phone out of his pocket, black smoke was coming out of it. He suffered second degree burns on the thigh and his skin peeled back.

According to De Rose, he contacted Apple several times regarding the blast, but never heard back from them. Therefore, he has now decided to file a lawsuit against Apple and is expected to pay some compensation. Carbon lawyers represent another Apple customer from Melbourne who suffered wrist burns from a warming Apple Watch.

When contacted by 7 News Apple regarding the lawsuit, a company spokesman said they were examining the reports and that they took customer safety very seriously. Both lawsuits were filed in a county court in Australia.


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