The best sound bar for TV you can buy for less than Rs.10,000


The market for the sound bar has accommodated a lot more than it was a few years ago. That is why, if you want to enhance the sound experience in your room on a budget, you have a lot of options for it. These affordable soundbars come with a remote for seamless playback and support multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth. Having a subwoofer plays a big role in improving the overall sound quality. Here are the top sound bars for the TV you should consider.

The best sound bars for TVs under Rs 10,000

1. Boat Avante Bar 1160

User recommended

The Avante Bar 1160 from the Boat supports 2.0 channel sound and the 2.25 x 4 drivers packed inside provide 60W of sound output. The sound bar has an elegant and premium design that will add extra charm to your living room next to the TV. You have two options to control the soundbar. The first is the convenience of having a remote that controls playback remotely. You have physical buttons mounted on the device that can be used to play music and control the volume. Connectivity features in the soundbar include Bluetooth, Aux-in, USB and more.

2. BluePunkt SBW100


The SBW 100 Soundbar delivers 120W of sound output and comes with a wired subwoofer that produces heavy bass music. The sleek design allows you to place the soundbar in a compact space, without having to find much space to place it. It has an EQ mode that allows you to change the music and the environment. Based on this you have song, movie, dialogue and flat mode. In addition to these, you also have music, movie, news and 3D mode. The subwoofer’s side-firing design provides better quality bass and thump. You can connect devices to the soundbar using Bluetooth, Aux-in, HDMI-ARC and USB. Having a remote makes it easier to access playback controls.

3. Real 100W

Feature packed

Realme entered the soundbar market with a fascinating offer. The 100W soundbar system supports 2.1 surround sound audio channel and comes with a 40W subwoofer that produces bass output on your music. The sound bar has a quad 60W full-featured speakers that allow you to watch movies in the living room with the best movie experience you can ask for. In terms of connectivity, this soundbar provides Aux-in, Line-in, USB, Bluetooth, Optical and HDMI ports for wireless streaming. Also in terms of looks, this soundbar gives extra charm to the space due to the use of high-quality materials.

4. Samsung T400

Worth the money

Samsung is also part of the lineup, thanks to the T400 soundbar. It supports a 2.0 channel surround sound system with Dolby technology. With the help of Bluetooth connectivity you have the opportunity to stream music or watch movies wirelessly, or you can rely on USB ports to connect external devices and play music through it. You can control the soundbar with the bundled remote, allowing you to access the switches without having to reach the soundbar at all times. This device has two built-in woofers, which means you get better bass output.

5. Pioneer SBX-101


If you want any fancier SBX-101 is worth a look. This system has a special soundbar and sub-woofer that can be attached wirelessly when you first set it up. Additionally, you can use Aux-in, 3.5mm line-in and optical input ports. The soundbar supports Dolby audio technology, which enhances your music experience and provides you with theater-like sound output. You get the remote with the SBX-101, which is always a welcome addition, allowing you to control the volume as well as the playback.

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Feature packed


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