The best gaming headphones on Amazon for less than Rs 5,000


Gaming has become one of the most popular activities in the last year. People who stay indoors adapt to change by relying on habits that involve more hours. But to get the best gaming experience, people should consider buying a quality pair of gaming headphones. And things stand out, you can get them at any cost. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

1. Accurate stereo


The best thing about these headphones is that you can connect them to any compatible mobile device using the Xbox One, PS4 or 3.5mm connector. It works with popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and more. The headphone has adjustable rotating ear muffs to fit all sizes. You can also set the elastic headband according to your preference. The use of leather and stainless steel material provides extra comfort when worn. The headphones have 40mm neodymium drivers to suit your gaming needs. You can clearly hear the footsteps and the grenade blast is like a big bang. In addition to these, EKSA gets a stereo microphone, which reduces noise from all directions and allows you to communicate without any hassle.

2. Redgear clock

Budget option

This headphone from Redgear is equipped with 50mm drivers that provide high-quality audio along with bass output. The omni-directional mic keeps you constantly in touch with the team while playing multi-player online games. Headphone Feature Memory Foam earpads can be adjusted to fit your head size but make sure you do not feel uncomfortable playing for long hours. The X-factor of the clock comes in the form of RGB LED lights that illuminate the top of the earmuffs and microphone. You can also set the volume using the control provided.

3. Ant Sports HD RGB

Worth the money

The H530 gaming headphone receives 40mm of drivers and ensures that ambient noise is adequately suppressed. The acoustic tuning of the cans allows you to get the best sound experience no matter what game you are playing. There is a retractable band and earpad, making sure you are the best fit to play games for a long time. Having a 3.5mm audio jack means you can connect the headphone to any convenient device that includes a gaming console, mobile phones and more. Headphones stand out even in a dark room due to the presence of LED lights on the side.

4. Cosmic Byte GS410


Next on our list is the GS410 from Cosmic Byte. It includes a soft cushion head pad as well as an ear pad. Add to this the fact that having adjustable keys means you can easily set the headphone to suit your need and wear it longer. Built-in Sound Drivers Make sure you get clear audio and deep bass output while gaming. This will help you to get a comfortable microphone that can be set for the exact position where you get the best sound coverage and will help you to hear the other person clearly.

5. Hyper X Cloud Stringer Core

Customer’s favorite

The last product on our list came from HyperX, which is a popular choice among buyers in the budget segment. It offers better sound output with 40mm drivers believing in its price range. The lightweight nature of the headphone allows you to wear it longer and immerse yourself in the game without any distractions. Adjustable noise cancellation on the microphone is an easy feature and high impedance means the levels will fit according to your sound preference. The stringer core gets adjustable steel sliders and a soft ear cushion, which makes the experience worthwhile.

Other options to consider

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