The best 32GB pen drives for storing your data


As the cloud storage ecosystem has evolved over the years, people have relied on digital solutions to store their data. However, you still have the traditional methods of storing data with the help of USB drives. These are tried and tested and make sure the stored data is safe. These days you get USB drives supported by USB 3.0 technology that can handle extreme temperatures and provide additional features such as password lock or shockproof durability. Here are the best 32GB USB drives on the market.

1. Sandisk Cruiser Blade

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The cruiser blade pen drive has a compact capillary design that makes it easy to carry in your pocket, bag and more. Connect the drive to a PC or laptop using the built-in USB 2.0 interface to transfer data at high speed. Sandisk has integrated Secure Access software to protect important files on the drive. You can also enable passwords for private data if needed. The dual-tone finish of red and black, along with a textured finish, gives extra durability to wear and tear easily. The drive can operate in a variety of temperatures from extreme cold to extreme heat. With this drive, you can store 7200 photos, 320 minutes of full HD video and more.

2. HP FD236W


This drive from HP gets a metallic finish with electronic coating, which not only looks premium but also makes the drive durable. It has a capillary design that allows you to connect the drive directly to a PC or laptop via a USB 2.0 interface. With this technology, you get 14MB / sec and 5MB / sec write data transfer speeds. The drive has an integrated strap hole that allows you to tag along with your bag or pocket. In addition, this HP USB drive provides temperature, shock and vibration proof.

3. Strontium pollex


Polex from Strontium is another option you might consider buying. It offers high-speed data transfer speeds of 25MB / sec and 5MB / sec. This drive has a USB 2.0 interface, which is compatible with a wide range of PCs, laptops and MacBooks. The driveless capsule design allows you to plug in and play to start using it. The drive’s durability tests guarantee at least 50,000 plug-and-play inserts, which will last a long time. Strontium is made of high-quality plastic material with a light form factor.

4. Kingston DataTraveler Swivel

Feature packed

This Kingston pen drive has a unique swivel design that rotates 360 degrees. Add to that, the lightweight nature makes it easy to carry in the pocket. This drive is equipped with a USB 3.1 interface, which is compatible with USB 2.0 technology, allowing you to operate on a wide range of systems. Having backward compatibility allows you to transfer data from two different ports without compromising on data speed. Despite all this, the Data Traveler Swivel weighs just 20 grams.

5. Sony Microvolt

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Finally, part of the lineup with Sony MicroVolt. It has a new and stylish design with a retractable USB connector that supports easy plug-in and play to operate on the machine. Using the USB 2.0 interface you can transfer data at high speeds, even if you have large-sized files. Sony with its high-quality software technology guarantees data security and allows the build quality drive to operate at high temperatures without being corrupted.

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