The average mobile internet speed in India dropped in January 2021: Okla


Okla ( Fame) is often immersed deeply in internet speeds around the world. It has now posted the results of Global Mobile and Broadband Internet Speed January 2021 And the results do not look great to India. In December 2020, India was ranked 129th in terms of mobile internet speeds. It has now dropped to 131st with an average mobile internet download speed of 12.41Mbps. This is somewhat alarming, as the total number of countries in the sample is 140, and India is now effective in the bottom ten. All things considered, the UAE tops the charts with an average mobile internet download speed of 183Mbps, while South Korea is at 171Mbps.

Thankfully, things look a little hopeful in front of the broadband internet. India ranks 65th with an average download speed of 54 Mbps. Its position does not change compared to last month. Things on this front are very different, with Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand ranked first, second and third with speeds of 247Mbps, 229Mbps and 220 Mbps respectively. Interestingly, Romania is in fourth place with 198Mbps.

Okla surrounds things with the notion that overall global broadband speeds continue to rise. However, we should take these results with a grain of salt. Mobile broadband speeds are subject to tons of unrestricted variables. When measuring internet speed on such a large scale, it is virtually impossible to take everything into account. We can expect India’s position to improve in the coming months, Once 5G networks Are more widely available.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

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