Suprema appoints Kim Han-cheol as the new CEO


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Suprema appoints Kim Han-cheol as the new CEO

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Suprema, which specializes in biometrics and access security, announced the appointment of Han-Cheol Kim, CEO of Biostar Business, at a meeting of its board of directors and shareholders. Consequently, the supremacy is maintained in a system of representative directors (CEO Jay-Win Lee in General Management).

CEO Kim Han-chool is an expert with extensive experience in software development and global business development at domestic and international IT companies such as Samsung Electronics, Motorola and Harmon. The company explained that since joining Suprema in 2015, it has contributed to the growth of aggressive foreign business through localization strategies by expanding partner channels and establishing foreign branches.

New CEO Kim Han-cheol said, “Last year, the non-contact authentication method came to light due to the coronavirus, and the access authentication method has become more diverse and the advancement of AI in-depth learning technology has made many changes. “We focus our capabilities on becoming a leader in the field of access control (ACaaS) by further developing our own AI in-depth learning technology and data analysis technology.”


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