Some iPhone 14 Pro and 13 users are facing screen freeze, green screen, and spotlight search issues with iOS 16 |


iPhone 14 Pro display has stopped responding

After the latest iOS 16 update, reports iPhone 14 Pro Unresponsive display is flooding the internet. As seen in the video above, Posted by Phone arenaiPhone 14 Pro display gets stuck in spotlight search menu and phone becomes unresponsive even after user tries to exit it.

The phone won’t even go to the home screen. However, users can call up the app switcher and swipe up and down for Control Center notifications. We experienced this issue independently on two of our devices (one iPhone 13 and the other iPhone 12 Pro Max), so chances are this bug is not limited to iPhone 14 Pro devices.

Dead iPhone 13 shows green screen

Recently, some tweets reported a new green-screen nightmare for iPhone 13 users. It turns out that many users started facing the strange green screen issue after updating their iPhone 13 to iOS 16. The device display is useless as all that is displayed is a solid green screen.

If you encounter this bug and your device is under warranty, you’re in luck because you can get your iPhone 13 display replaced for free. People like Twitter user Akash, however, do not share the same fortune iPhone 13 It first showed the problem while it was still under warranty, started working again, then stopped completely after the warranty expired. If this is not bad luck, then what is?

Spotlight search bug

Now, this is very common, annoying, but not fatal. Apple Recently the iPhone added a small search pill at the bottom of the displays. With the latest iOS 16.1 update, the shadow behind the pill widget appears and disappears suddenly. The report revealed that the bug was found on the iPhone 14 Pro device and the iPhone 13 device running the same iOS build does not appear to have this issue.

While these are some of the commonly reported bugs in the latest iOS 16 update, there could be more. One can only hope that Apple addresses these issues and fixes them with the next update soon.

Apple iPhone 13 video


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