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Wondering why you’re watching? Disney-fied And Pixar-esque Selfies of people and their pets on social media these days? Well, this is the latest Snapchat trend that started a few years ago and has now gone viral with millions of users around the world engaging with it. You can also use this cool lens filter to give yourself (or someone else) a cartoony makeover, make princess videos, reinvent famous scenes from animated movies, and more. Snapchat lets you use Cartoon Lens on both photos and videos available in your phone gallery and share them with your friends and groups. Read on to learn about the different cartoon lenses on Snapchat and how you can send a Snap with them.

How to use Snapchat Cartoon Face Lens

Cartoon lenses have clearly caught the social media frenzy these days and gone viral. You can jump on this trend bandwagon and turn your photo or video into a cartoon. All you need is a smartphone with the Snapchat app and Lens does all the work automatically when you turn on the camera or apply it to your old photos or videos.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can find and use Snapchat Cartoon Lens:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the emoji icon to the right of the camera button.
  • Select the search option at the bottom right of the screen.
  • In the search bar, type cartoon face, cartoon or cartoon 3D style depending on the lens you want to use and Snapchat will return all related lenses in the results.
  • You can also click cartoon face, CartoonOr Cartoon 3D style Open them directly through the link.
  • Look for Cartoon Face, Cartoon or Cartoon 3D style depending on the lens you want to use, but make sure you tap on the Snapchat creator.
  • Tap the heart or favorites icon at the bottom of the screen to save the lens for future use.
  • Now, use the front camera or rear camera to watch your subject transform into a Disney or Pixar-like cartoon character.
  • You can also open your phone’s gallery by selecting the camera roll button to try the lens on your existing photos and videos. If there are two or more subjects in the frame, the lens can be applied to only one.
  • Choose from the options on the right to customize features like eye shape, eyebrow shape, etc. or add text, stickers, music and more to the snap if you like.
  • After you take your snap, you can save it to your camera roll, add it to your story, or send it to friends or groups on your list by tapping the yellow arrow button.

The most popular cartoon lens on Snapchat

Snapchat offers a range of fun filters, but three cartoon lenses are attracting users and trending worldwide – Cartoon Face, Cartoon and Cartoon 3D style.

Cartoon face lens

Released in August 2020, Cartoon Face Lens looks like it’s straight out of an animated classic by replacing its eyes and eyebrows with oversized ones on a cute cartoon avatar (human or animal). Although it is not associated with Disney, a cartoon face can make you look like your favorite Disney characters.

Cartoon lens

Launched after Cartoon Face Lens, Cartoon Lens is a more advanced filter that transforms a subject’s entire face into their own, unique Disney-style character with the help of machine learning. What makes this lens popular among millennial users is the realistic look and spot-on expressions of what you would look like as a Disney or Pixar character.

Cartoon 3D style lens

The latest release of all, the cartoon 3D style lens was released in June 2021 and instantly went viral for its dynamic transformation into a Pixar-like character. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), this lens’s amazing tracking ability lets you see how you look and move like a cartoon. Couples love this lens the most because it allows you to switch genders. The cartoon 3D style lens has been used by many popular Snapchatters like Neha Kakkar, Dabboo Ratnani and social influencers like Vishal Pandey, Sunny Chopra and more. Since its launch, the lens has garnered a total of 1.7 billion viewers.


What is the difference between a Snapchat lens and a Snapchat filter?

Snapchat Lenses use augmented reality, known as AR, to transform you into a unique and different version of yourself, like a cartoon in this case. On the other hand, Snapchat filters are creative effects or design overlays that can be added on top of your snaps.


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