SK Telecom has announced ‘Voice Phishing Number Blocking’ service


SK Telecom has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Seoul Police Agency for a public-private partnership with the ‘Voice Fishing Number Blocking Service’ to prevent criminal damage caused by voice fishing.

The Voice Phishing Number Blocking Service is a voice fishing number reported to the police when the Seoul Police Agency shares this number with SKT, and SKT’s recently developed Voice Phishing Number Blocking System blocks this number so that SKT customers cannot receive or make calls at all. This is the process that needs to be done.

If someone receives a suspicious voice phishing phone call or reports it to the police after receiving an unknown text message, SKT and the police will check the voice phishing number and block the call.

SKT and the Seoul Police Agency have been conducting a trial operation of the voice-fishing number blocking service since February to prevent more than 500 suspicious voice-fishing numbers. The SKT and Seoul Police Agency explained that the number blocking service will be launched from March 25, hoping that the number blocking service will be able to curb the risks of increasing voice-fishing crime by using the latest tricky technique.

Meanwhile, SKT entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in April 2020 to actively respond to voice fishing in collaboration with the Financial Security Agency, a financial security firm, and has been operating a full-fledged voice fishing number blocking system since last February.

The voice fishing number that SKT blocks in consultation with the Financial Security Agency is a number used for crime by pretending to be a financial institution, installing a malicious application on a victim’s mobile phone, and intercepting a phone connection to a financial institution. SKT and the Financial Security Agency have so far blocked 940 calls to 60 numbers.

“SK Telecom and the Seoul Police Agency hope that the process of blocking the voice fishing number will have a great impact in preventing customers’ voice fishing from being damaged.” “We do various activities to prevent users from being harmed by spam and smashing lessons.”


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