Schneider Electric-US conducts research to develop Samsung Heavy Industries shipbuilding and offshore technology


Schneider Electric Korea has announced that it is conducting joint research with Samsung Heavy Industries for technological advancement in the shipbuilding and offshore industries.

Through joint research, Schneider Electric Korea and Samsung Heavy Industries have submitted a spectrum version of the Smart Motor Protection Relay ‘AOCR-Isemets’ based on the Internet of Things (LOT).

The Smart IoT Motor Protection Relay Spectrum version of Schneider Electric ‘EOCR-iSEMMETS’ analyzes load current through Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to diagnose motor condition and preserve real-time frequency spectrum and high frequency. In addition, by visualizing the current spectrum decline, clear spectrum analysis is possible and Ethernet communication is supported.

To create a more sustainable and intelligent smart ship solution, Samsung Heavy Industries is conducting tests by applying Schneider Electric’s EOCR-iSEMMETS product to Korea’s ship control system. Data stored in Schneider Electric Korea’s Motor Protection Relay (EOCR) is sent over the Internet of Things (loT) connection to SVESSEL, Samsung Heavy Industries’ offshore smart system.

Operators can diagnose and diagnose motor abnormalities by remotely checking motor condition without having to open the motor control panel directly using Samsung Heavy Industries’ Swessel CBM. Before introducing the product, if we focus on checking the limited information about whether the motor is abnormal and resolving the operator’s problems, in the future, accidents can be avoided in advance by assessing the abnormality of the motor by constant. Check motor information in the future.

Samsung Heavy Industries is showcasing a smart ship solution that can be applied both onshore and offshore. Through the SVESSEL onboard installed on the ship, it supports the ship’s financial and sustainable operation by providing proper flight planning, fuel consumption and ship safety monitoring and an automated reporting function.

Provides onshore, SVESSEL onshore, remote fleet management system, real-time equipment status monitoring, repair timing notification and ship operation performance analysis, which helps shipbuilders manage their aircraft efficiently.


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