Samsung’s Exynos chip 3D mark with AMD GPU surpasses competition in new leak shows


AMD And Samsung Have been working together to develop a mobile GPU for some time. It will initially enter with the Galaxy S21 Ultra but has been pushed back due to thermal issues. Both AMD and Samsung have repeatedly mocked the RDNA2-based GPU. Thanks to the Tipster Ice Universe, we now have our first glimpse of the radian-powered Exynos chip in the wild. It shows the chipset performance in the wildlife test of the 3D mark. Mystery SoC managed to score 8,134 points on the benchmark, making it the fastest mobile GPU on the market.

All things considered, the previous generation Exynos 2100 was able to score 5,130 in the same test. Apple’s A14 bionic score is also averaging in the 7,000 range. Apple’s M1 chip is the only mobile device that can beat the Exynos chipset. However, we can expect the final product to be much better. While it could still lag behind what Apple offers in raw CPU power, the exception should be GPU prowess beyond that.

This particular Exynos chipset seems to be running two-generation-old ARM Cortex-A77 CPU cores. Ice Universe adds that this is a prototype designed to test the GPU and is not a reflection of the final product. The upcoming Exynos 2200, which is expected to be heralded on the new MRDNA2 GPU, will run ARM’s latest Cortex 710 and X2 cores. Therefore, we can expect a significant bump in overall performance. However, thermals continue to be an important issue and we hope Samsung and AMD come up with a solution.


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