Samsung teases new OLED screens for laptops with superior image quality


Samsung has teamed up with its new OLED panels for laptops, highlighting their superior image quality. Samsung Display features its OLED screens for laptops via video uploaded on YouTube. The South Korean tech giant says the new screens will offer cinematic and ultrapur colors. As Samsung mentioned in the video, OLED screens provide great visibility during outdoor activities in the sun. OLED screens for laptops provide 85% HDR coverage, according to Samsung.

South Korean tech giant Teased New OLED Panel Laptop Lineup: Superior Image Quality for Laptops via a video shared on YouTube under the name Samsung OLED.

Samsung The video states that its OLED screens offer 120 percent DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, compared to a traditional screen that offers 74 percent DCI-P3 coverage.

Other advantages of the company’s new OLED screens for laptops are true black colors (0.0005 nits) and a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1. According to Samsung, OLED screens have bright highlights and details in dark scenes. Samsung concludes the video by saying that its OLED screens for laptops breathe life into every frame.

Samsung 2021 laptop lineup Unveiled Last month and have Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2, Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 5G, Samsung Galaxy Book Ion 2, and Samsung Notebook Plus 2.

Samsung is ready to host First Look 2021 The event is tomorrow, January 6. On this occasion Samsung is likely to unveil more details about its laptop lineup with OLED screens.

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