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I don’t snore. Or so my Galaxy Watch5 Pro tells me. You see, there’s very little it can’t do. From measuring BMI to making calls, it does it all. Samsung has been one of the forays into smartwatches and fitness trackers, and its latest flagship, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, is a seriously loaded wearable. Let’s take a closer look at what works and what doesn’t.

Which is better


The Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes in a titanium case and feels classy from the get go. The chunky 45mm case features a magnetic clasp attached to a gray silicone strap. Silicone bands can be sporty and work well for outdoor activities, but generally don’t feel premium. Thanks to the magnetic clasp mechanism, Samsung has managed to add some class to the sportiness. And despite its large size, the Watch5 Pro isn’t too heavy either.


The 1.4-inch, 450 x 450 pixel Super AMOLED display is a visual treat. It is very bright and clear even in harsh sunlight. It is very responsive to the touch and is protected from corner knocks and bumps due to the raised borders around it. The screen is covered with sapphire crystal, so it should also be scratch-resistant.


The Watch5 Pro runs Wear OS infused with Samsung’s own Tizen OS. Thanks to Google Play Store and support for Wear OS, you get access to many watch faces and other apps available for the platform. Unfortunately the watch doesn’t work with iPhones, and you’ll need to download the Galaxy Wearable app and Samsung Health on your Android smartphone (Samsung phones have the necessary functionality and apps) to configure the watch and sync health data.

The watch offers a lot of customization, allowing you to choose the tiles that appear when you swipe left from the watch face, rearrange quick settings, and choose the order of apps.


Unfortunately, the Watch5 Pro doesn’t come with the rotating jog dial that its predecessor was famous for, but you do get a digital one that works in a similar fashion and lets you scroll through lists and menu items by running your finger along the edges. of the show. And thanks to the brilliantly executed haptics, the device feels like you’re using a physical jog dial. Other than that, usability is swipe driven and you can use the two side buttons to go to the home screen or back, or access Samsung’s Bixby smart assistant with a long press.

Smart features

I have the LTE model of the Watch5 Pro and this baby comes with eSIM functionality to handle calls without a paired smartphone. Regardless of whether you choose to opt for the Bluetooth model, you’ll get a full gamut of smart features like Bluetooth calling, built-in GPS, Google Maps, local storage and access to turn-by-turn navigation directly on your wrist. Playback for music and photos and all the usual functions like weather, alarms, stopwatch, timer, calendar, voice notes, etc. The watch will automatically display notifications from smartphone apps and you can even reply to some of them using preset messages using short ones. Screen keyboard or voice dictation.

Health and fitness features

As Samsung’s flagship wearable, the Watch5 Pro leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering a full bouquet of health and fitness features. Of course, you’d expect all the usual stuff like a step counter, sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, etc., with support for a bunch of different activities and auto workout detection. There’s also a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor that measures body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, etc. — all useful metrics.

Another important factor is the ability to use GPX files. These files usually contain GPS location information, waypoints, etc., and can be used by the Watch5 Pro to guide you along a hiking or cycling route. However, it’s not easy to grab GPX files you can actually use, and fitness apps like Strava use premium tiers that allow users to create them. While you can export your existing workouts in the Samsung Health app as GPX files and import them into the watch (or share them with other Watch 5 Pro users), functionality is limited to hiking and cycling modes. I’m not sure how useful all of this is at this point, but it’s a step in the right direction, and hopefully the functionality will become more useful to users in the future.

Which is not so good

No ECG and skin temperature

While the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro delivers on your wrist and all the functionality it has to offer, it misses out on ECG and skin temperature features, which leaves a bit of a void in its all-roundness. Whatever the reason, it’s time for Samsung to sort it out and make sure its flagship smartwatch doesn’t leave out any features that make it feel weaker than the competition.


The Watch 5 Pro is a chunky device, and while it’s great for those who like big and thick watches, its bulk makes it uncomfortable to wear. Maybe it’s just me, but because of this I found it very difficult to use it to track my sleep patterns.


The strap with its magnetic clasp looks great, is both sporty and premium, and is easy to put on and take off. However, unlike traditional bands that use a pin-and-hole mechanism, it’s not as easy to adjust its tightness on the fly. Basically, if you want to quickly unfasten the strap (say, while getting into bed) or fasten it (while taking BMI or SpO2 readings), the clasp mechanism it uses isn’t easy to do so.

Battery life

With my usage consisting of default settings, always-on display feature turned off, pairing the watch with my smartphone all day, and using it for 30-minute workouts every day, I needed about 3 days of use out of it to charge it again. It’s not too bad, but with AoD on and longer workouts, the battery life decreases significantly, so it needs improvement.


The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Bluetooth model will cost you Rs. 44,999 and if you want to use LTE, it will cost Rs. 49,999 be prepared to spend. Features like ECG and skin temp measurement are nice to have, but the reality is that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is already a pretty loaded wearable. It looks great on the wrist, comes with a beautiful AMOLED display and packs almost all the features of a flagship lifestyle smartwatch. Apple continues to raise the bar every year with its Apple Watch, Samsung sets the benchmark for smartwatches for Android users, and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro doesn’t disappoint in that regard.

Editor’s Rating: 4/5


  • Solid build and premium looks
  • Beautiful AMOLED screen
  • Feature-rich
  • The Wear OS app ecosystem


  • Loses ECG & skin temperature
  • Battery life could be better
  • Priced


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]