Samsung Galaxy S20 series phones are reported to be facing serious performance issues


Samsung Galaxy S20 series, more specifically Galaxy S20 + And Galaxy S20 Ultra, Many users have reported that the displays on these phones are dying somewhere so the owners have to take a seat for this. The most important thing here is that there is currently no solution in sight. As pointed out AndroidPolice, These complaints can be traced back to May and in most cases, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra reported that their phones began to show scan lines, which gradually became worse and eventually the display turned completely green or white. As you might have guessed, this will disable the device until the display re-installation is set up.

In the Samsung Community forum thread, A member with the username ‘Leon’ explained the problem, first noticing that his phone shows flickering lines while playing games. He believes the problem is not limited to games as it appears to flicker on the device’s home screen and other apps as well. After he contacted Samsung’s support team, he was ordered to do a soft reset on his phone. After the problem persisted, he did a factory reset on his phone and as a result, the phone’s display became useless. Eventually, the Samsung customer service team had to replace the phone’s display and battery to fix the problem.

Another forum member Yug 84 also shared that he has a similar problem with his Galaxy S20 Ultra because the display shows scanned lines consistently. He also uploaded a video on YouTube highlighting the issue. If you go through the comment section in this video, you will see that many other users are also experiencing this problem with their phone display. If Samsung is the best, if not the best, display manufacturers on the market, this issue may require an immediate address from a South Korean brand.


Re Written By [Baji Infotech]