Russia will launch its own video-sharing social platform, TickTalk


The group’s CEO said on Wednesday that the state’s energy giant Gazprom will launch an app similar to Russia’s popular media holding video sharing social network TickTalk.

Commersant Business Daily Cited Gazprom-Media CEO Alexander Zarov said that Holding had acquired the service “Ya Molodets” (“I’m great”).

Zarov said the app was developed in collaboration with the InnoPractice Foundation, which is run by one of the presidents, Katerina Tikhonova. Vladimir Putin Daughters of the accused.

Gazprom-Media “uses the project’s software to create a new video service for Russian bloggers,” Zarov said, adding that it would be launched in two years.

The app supports the sharing of short vertical videos, similar to the Chinese social network TickTalk.

Jarov took over Gazprom-Media earlier this year after stepping down as head of the Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor. Telegram Messaging service.

Gazprom-Media is one of the largest media companies in Russia, with some of the most viewed television channels and several radio stations.

Earlier this month, Jarov announced that Gazprom-Media would launch two similar websites YouTube Over the next couple of years, one improved version of the Rutube streaming service, a platform targeted at Russian speakers acquired by Gazprom-Media in 2008.

On Wednesday Harrow said the holding was “working for a year to modernize it and make it worse than YouTube in terms of tools”.

In recent years, YouTube has become a very popular platform for young Russians, with some of the most viewed channels having tens of millions of views.

It has become a source for independent news and has become an alternative to major TV channels that are largely state-controlled.

Authorities have stepped up efforts to tighten control over the Russian section of the Internet under the guise of fighting online terrorism.

Earlier on Wednesday, the lower house of parliament passed a law banning Internet platforms, including YouTube, if found guilty of “censorship” and “discrimination”.

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