#RIPTwitter trends amid layoffs, here’s how Elon Musk responded


As a result, hundreds of employees subsequently resigned from what was left Musk mass shooting. They responded to Musk’s demand:

“I’m not pushing a button.”
“My watch ends with Twitter 1.0. I don’t want to be a part of Twitter 2.0.
“Twitter will have a hard time recovering from here, no matter how hardcore people try to be.” (by)

In response, Musk tweeted: “The best people are staying, so I’m not too worried.”

Now, Twitter doesn’t have the workforce it once had, with Musk laying off about 75 percent of its staff, including about 90 percent of its Indian workforce.

Earlier today, Musk tweeted that he had reached an all-time high in Twitter usage, followed by a meme a few minutes later.

Few consumers are considering switching Twitter alternatives: Koo, Mastodon, Tribel Social, Counter Social, Tumblr and BlueSky, among other apps, others are saying goodbye to in-app Twitter.

Here’s how people are reacting to it:


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]