Redmibook Pro laptops to be unveiled on February 25: Intel and AMD CPUs, 15 “and 14” models


February 25 It’s going to be a big day for Redmi – in addition to not believing in the new K40 series flagships, the brand is also introducing the new Redmibook Pro 15 model. Model that has been playing since early January.

The RedmiBook Pro series will be unveiled on February 25

The RedmiBook Pro series will be unveiled on February 25

The laptop is powered by one 11th generation Intel processor, Tiger Lake H35, 35W quad-core / 8-thread processor with Iris X graphics, all on Intel’s 10nm superfine process. There will also be a Core i5 version. In both cases, the Nvidia GeForce MX450 GPU is added for additional processing power.

Intel Tiger Lake H35 processor              Build aluminum             Build aluminum                       Backlit keyboard                             Webcam

Intel Tiger Lake H35 Processor • Aluminum Build • Backlit Keyboard • Webcam

The 15 ”laptop has an aluminum exterior and a backlit keyboard. From some teaser images we can also find a USB-C port and a full-size HDMI port. What we can’t see (but revealed by Geekbench) is 16 GB RAM. And, yes, it has a built-in webcam (which is not the case with all laptops from Xiaomi).

And an AMD-powered version. It is called the RedmiBook Pro 15S and comes with the Raizen 5 5600H and Raizen 7 5800H chips.

RedmiBook Pro versions (found on GeekBench): Core i7            Redmibook Pro versions (found on GeekBench): i5           Redmibook Pro Versions (found on GeekBench): Raizen 5800H                   Redmibook Pro Versions (found on GeekBench): 14

RedmiBook Pro versions (found on the Geekbench): Core i7 core Core i5 • Raison 5800h • 14 “Raison model

Although it was not featured in the teaser campaign, the RedmiBook Pro 14S also makes rounds on the 14 ”Raizen-powered laptop Geekbench. It will be replaced by a 15W Raison 5 5700U processor. It is unclear whether there will be an Intel-powered 14 “model – we’ll find out in a few weeks.

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