Red Hat AWS launches Red Hat OpenShift service ‘Rosa’


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Red Hat AWS launches Red Hat OpenShift service ‘Rosa’

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Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced the launch of a new operating service called ‘AWS Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)’ provided on the AWS console.

Red Hat OpenShift customers can use Rosa to easily build, scale, and manage containerized applications in AWS. Additionally, you can create a simple Kubernet cluster using the familiar Red Hat OpenShift console, features and tools without manually expanding and managing your infrastructure.

Rosa Red Hat OpenShift simplifies the process of transferring workload from an on-campus environment to AWS and provides tight integration with AWS services. With Rosa, customers can obtain Red Hat OpenShift licenses, billing and support services directly from AWS. There is no extra cost to use Rosa and you only have to pay for the container clusters and nodes you actually use.

According to the company, through Rosa, users can quickly and easily create Kubernet groups using the familiar Red Hat OpenShift APIs and tools and access all AWS services on the AWS console. Rosa offers Red Hat OpenShift‌ on a pay-as-you-go basis through a new Red Hat license that eliminates the need for complex multi-year contracts and affects Red Hat OpenShift in AWS to meet your business needs. In addition, Rosa complies with major compliance certificates, including SOC-2, ISO-27001 and PCI.

“Rosa allows companies to use Red Hat OpenShift on AWS without having to stream special technology streams,” said Satish Barakrishnan, Vice President of Red Hat Host Platforms. You can focus on providing value without needing to. “


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