Realme Magdart 66W Magnetic Provides Wireless Charging Speed, Playing Madhav Sheth


Earlier this month, RealMe Magdart Moniker leaked the EUIPO filing – which is expected to be a magnetic wireless charging solution from a brand similar to Apple’s MagSafe. So far, only two real Magdart chargers have appeared in the rendered images and through the officially visible posters. The company also has Suggested That it will be enabled The first Android smartphone to support magnetic wireless charging (And RealMe Magdart chargers) at its Magnetic Innovation Event Scheduled for IST on August 3 at 5:30 p.m. Well, today the brand refers to the speed of charging and the design of real-time Magdart chargers, while also looking at Apple and its MagSafe technology.

RealMay Magdart claims to be 440 percent faster than Apple’s MagSafe

There is a teaser poster in a new tweet by Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth revealing that Realme Magdart is 440 per cent faster. However, the brand did not mention one crucial thing – faster than that. While Apple’s Magsaref is considered the only true competitor to RealMe Magdart, it’s safe to assume that RealMe Magdart is comparable to MagSafe. Now, the Apple Mag Safe has a 15W charging speed. So, RealMe Magdart means having 66W charging speed, which makes it the fastest magnetic wireless charging technology in the world.

Along with the tweet was another poster, which revealed that RealMe Magdart would be “thinner”. Once again, RealMe did not mention a reference point, and we assume the brand compares it to Apple MagSafe. However, we think that this Magdart charger is different from the ones that offer 66W charging speed. The charging speed of this model is similar to that of the Apple MagSafe. The 66W charging speed ones have built-in fans and ventilation grills for cooling as we have seen. Pre-leaked renders.

RealMe has leaked Magdard design

Considering that Real is the first brand to offer an Android smartphone with Magnetic Wireless Charging Support, it has a unique edge in the market. However, magnetic wireless charging technology makes the upcoming real-time smartphone look expensive and we need to see how many people are willing to spend extra money for this fancy feature.


Re Written By [Baji Infotech]