Quantum Introduces Store Next Reference Architecture for Maintaining a Large-Capacity Video Control System


Quantum Korea announces Areference architecture, a case of use for a large-capacity reconnaissance workload.

Based on Quantum’s portfolio of video surveillance and security solutions, this architecture integrates high-availability, high-performance, high-capacity file automation system for video workload, ‘StoreNext’, high-performance, high-capacity sharing. Storage requirements can be met, the seller explained.

The video control camera is the largest data generating device in the world. As the camera resolution continues to increase, so does the data capacity. Today, video control is used more than data security and loss prevention.

The new app analyzes traffic patterns to improve traffic flow or license plate identification to speed up payments at highway tollgates and drive-thru.

In addition, customer demand for data protection for further analysis in the future is increasing. To maintain the complexity and scale of such a large-scale video control workload, a high-performance shared storage solution is needed that can ensure continuous recording of the cameras and prevent quality degradation such as ‘frame drop’ that does not enable video input. / Output.

According to the company, Quantum has developed a shared storage solution that can meet customer needs to maintain performance, scale and large video surveillance workload. The solution combines Quantum’s advanced hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software for the VS1110-A application server and a unique configuration of StoreNext shared file storage optimized for video surveillance. Quantum explained that it designed and validated a modular, scalable reference architecture that could capture images from 500 to 2,000 cameras for 30 days to a year.

Quantum CEO Jamie Renner said, “Quantum Storenext, a high-performance, high-capacity file automation management system for video workloads, is optimized for large-scale video surveillance usage cases. By saving it, you no longer have to worry about performance decline. Such as dropping frames. ”Ciokr@idg.co.kr


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