PUBG New State Announces: 5 Things You Need To Know About This PUBG Mobile Sequel


PUBG New State Release PUBG Studio and Crafton have officially announced. The new Battle Royale game is the successor to the highly popular PUBG Mobile‌ and will be available for Android and iOS users. We have previously reported a PUBG Mobile Sequel Is at work and it comes next week. It turns out that Crafton surprised us at the store and dropped the PUBG: New State pre-registration trailer‌ this week. Outside the trailer, PUBG knows a little more about what New State has in store for us. Here’s everything we know about the newest PUBG mobile sequel.

PUBG New State Pre-Order Trailer

PUBG confirms some of the ulation we did about the New State trailer title. For starters, the game is set in the future (2051, to be exact). There is also a new map set in the Dystopian setting. PUBG says New State’s official Google Play Store list is 8 × 8 in size. Several new vehicles were introduced, including the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle). The choice of guns is more or less the same, but we can expect developers to add new ones over time. The new gameplay mechanics include expandable armor to retrieve supplies by drone and prevent enemy fire. As expected, the graphics are significantly better than the original PUBG mobile. At the moment we know about PUBG New State Gameplay.

PUBG New State Pre-Registration Link

Although PUBG New State Google Play Store List, Has no option to pre-register in India. The PUBG New State pre-order link is not yet live on the Apple App Store. Those outside of India who can pre-order the game will get special benefits like limited vehicle skin. The Krafton community can be asked to help test the game beta at any time in the future. It is common for developers to test the beta game rigorously before a public release.

PUBG New State Free?

Much of the success of the original PUBG mobile was attributed to its free-to-play model. Unlike other mobile games to win mechanics, PUBG has leveled the ground by offering mobile cosmetics-only microtransactions. PUBG: The New State’s Google Play Store page says there will be game-microtransactions, but the game is free to download just like PUBG Mobile.

PUBG: New State

Is PUBG New State running on my phone?

PUBG New State requires devices running Android 6.0 or higher and at least 2.5GB of RAM. SoC requirements have not yet been mentioned, but they will be revealed soon. Given the visual credibility that PUBG New State has to offer, it has the potential to push even the Beefiest gaming smartphone to its limit. Krafton is very adept at optimizing its games for older / entry-level smartphones, but the experience may not be the right one. As it stands now, PUBG: New State runs fine on most modern smartphones, but on some older devices we can not make the same promise.

Is PUBG New State available in India?

Due to the ban on PUBG mobile in India, it seems that PUBG will take some time to launch in New State country. To recall, Krafton announced the PUBG Mobile India game, which has not yet received the green light to launch. As there is no word yet on the launch of PUBG Mobile India, it is unclear when PUBG New State will arrive, even though Tencent is not a publisher in China. The Google Play Store list has gone without any pre-registration for the game, but that option will soon pop up if things change in favor of Krafton. Keep an eye on the officer PUBG New State Website To learn about new developments.


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