PUBG Mobile India may finally launch in India soon!


The PUBG Mobile India ban has disappointed fans for a long time and there have been several reports about it Start in the country On Many cases. However, nothing is happening in favor of the company (PUBG Corporation). PUBG Corporation has a reworked version of the game with less gore and violence and is different from the global version. Now, in the latest development, marked YouTuber Gadnixon aka Love Sharma said the government has approved the launch of PUBG Mobile India. PUBG Mobile India Update on YouTube Episode! The government has approved the launch of PUBG Mobile India, sources close to the development said.

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Will the PUBG Mobile India launch get the green signal?

However, the launch date of PUBG Mobile India has not been confirmed yet. Another content creator, Ghatak has given hints to signal the return of PUBG mobile in India. “I was going to reveal this, but the support of the audience could not stop me from revealing. The next two months will be great for PUBG lovers and many exciting updates for TSM lovers coming soon. Please do not ask for a date, ” Observed Content creator (translation).

I do not know yet so I can not say the timing or anything. What I can tell you is that we care a lot about the Indian market, well, I know you and now know friends in the Indian gaming industry. So for sure, we will work hard to make it happen,Sean Hunil Sohn, Head of Corporate Development in Krafton, said Akshat Rathi, MD and co-founder of Nodwin Gaming. However, it should be noted that PUBG Corp has not yet made an official statement in this regard, so we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt and wait for confirmation.


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