PS5 Slim rumoured to be in development at Sony, launch expected in 2023 |


According to The Leak, the upcoming thin PS5 will not be referred to as PS5 Slim, it may have a different name. The rumored console may feature a new design that could offer a slimmer and lighter form factor. Sony is using a die-shrink treatment to significantly reduce the size of the console. It also needs to draw less power and run cooler than the standard PS5. Apart from these, Sony is rumored to remove the PS5’s stand when placed horizontally. Production of the PS5 Slim is expected to begin in Q2 2023, with a full launch in Q3. Since Sony has yet to confirm any of these details, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

A PS5 refresh from Sony is highly anticipated at this point. While the console has been out for almost two years, stock conditions are improving worldwide. Sony already has The PS5 has made some tweaks under the hood To improve performance and make it more powerful. Apart from these, reports suggest that the company is in the works PS5 model with detachable disc driveIt is sold separately.


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Written By [Baji Infotech]