PS5 restocks in India are unlikely to happen before the end of March: report


Even after the PS5 arrived in India (somewhat) it was very difficult to come by. Messy experiment In February. జ The latest round of PS5 units Expected to arrive in early March. However, it seems to be delayed until the end of this month IGN India. Sony has advised all its official partners not to collect any PS5 pre-booking money from customers. In addition, it also asked outlets not to make any commitments regarding immediate re-opening starts. Therefore, we can reasonably expect PS5 stocks to fall later than initially.

One of the main reasons for this Severe shortage India received a total of 4,000 PS5 units, with three or four units received by small players on launch day. Although the lion’s share of them went to e-commerce websites, they disappeared within minutes due to high demand. To make matters worse, many units have been taken by scalpels who are selling them at sky-high prices. Once again, the situation is much less global, with a severe shortage of components hampering the console’s massive production.

There is no word yet on when Sony will launch PS5 Digital Edition In India. The disc-less PS5 variant is cheaper in India at Rs 10,000 as compared to the Blu-ray version and does not compromise with the hardware. The total indifference of Sony India on this matter does not help much. However, PS4 owners can get some more value from their aging console, as it will be relevant for another year or so.


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