Provides Infinion TPM 2.0 solution including open source software stock


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Provides Infinion TPM 2.0 solution including open source software stock

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Infinion Technologies has announced that it is offering the OPTIGA TPM 2.0 solution, which includes integrated TSS (TPM software stock) host software.

Infinion has developed open source software that implements the latest FAPI standards in collaboration with Intel and the Franhofer Institute of Security Information Technology.

According to the company, IoT system integrators can use TPM 2.0 as Infinion’s plug-and-play optimizer to significantly improve the security of their connected products. Software incorporating TSS-FAPI does not require expertise in low-level security standards and allows source code development tasks to be reduced by 16 times. Therefore, the company explains that the development can save cost and time. This simplifies industrial device verification as per IEC 62443 standard for industrial applications that require level 4 or higher hardware-based security.

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) recently implemented the FIPI standard, an international standard, implemented in TSS stock along with related tools and plugins. This TSS stock is open source software that allows TPM 2.0 to integrate seamlessly into Linux-based systems and includes Linux software support for device authentication, data encryption, software updates, and remote device management.

FAPI (Feature API) is the universal interface for user authentication, single sign-on (SSO) and email encryption / signature, with basic support for the PKCS # 11 standard. FAPI provides default configurations for automated management of cryptographic functions, system integration and security policies in line with the latest advanced industrial best practices.

TPM serves as a repository for sensitive data on connected devices, reducing the risk of data loss and product interruption due to cyber attacks. Infinian TPM is certified by Common Criteria (CC) for data security product evaluation.


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