Prinv drone launches wireless communication-only KCMVP and data link ‘D-DL’


Prinu announces localization and commercialization of existing D-DL (Data Link) miniaturization products, major components of D-PM (Power Module), D-DS (KCMVP Encryption Module) and D-FC (Flight Controller).

Prinv drone launches wireless communication-only KCMVP and data link ‘D-DL’

Prinv has enhanced the D-DL of existing 2.4 / 5.8 ㎓ data link communication devices to enable simultaneous or selective use of 50 1 bands and 2.4 ㎓ bands allocated for drone mission and control from 5031 to 5825 to. Additionally, it supports 1: N / N: 1 / N: N mode, allowing you to control and control multiple drones in a single communication device.

By releasing the KCMVP Authentication Encryption Module for D-DL only, KCMVP encryption communication integration products that can be connected directly to the data link without wiring will also be introduced. Even when used in conjunction with a data link, it is designed without affecting communication distance or quality, so it is expected to be very useful in areas where security compliance is required.

The D-PM, also known as the ‘Power Distribution Board’ and the ‘Power Management Module’, play the role of controlling and distributing the main power supplied from the drone battery to each mission device. Recently, drones have not only been flying, but also various machine tools such as ▲ video shooting ▲ communication ▲ encryption various computer, various sensor data processing ▲ Lida sensor. The current power management module is somewhat difficult to maintain efficiently, but the D-PM released by Preneu can handle 5V, 9V, 12V, and 15V power with a single module to solve this problem.

Prinue’s D-DL, D-FC, and D-PM were installed on military supply drones in 2020, and performance and stability were proven, the company explained. Subject to radio law, D-DL control can communicate over distances up to 7 km for data and up to 5 km for video. It can be applied to small drones and is designed to operate directly through simple combinations without complicated connections or wiring.

Lee Jong-Jeong, CEO of Prinue, said, “We are ready to localize domestic drone companies through active mass production and supply of components.”


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