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The Google Pixel lineup is a well-known name in India, but the competition of Chinese brands that dominate the mid-range segment has not really gained a big place in the middle market. The company has recently admitted that Pixel phones do not really have much of a foothold in the Indian smartphone market. However, Google plans to make some changes and improve its presence in the country. According to a new report by The Economic Times, The search giant is working to bring its pixel manufacturing to India. It sells locally produced phones and exports them to other countries. Apart from this, the company also wants to sell more upcoming devices like Pixel 5A in the market.

Google Pixel India Strategy

Google’s latest line of smartphones, the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A5G, have not been sold in India. Basic only Pixel 4A And the Pixel 3 series launched here. For this reason, there is not much interest in pixel devices in India. Fortunately, Google plans to double its Pixel India strategy to improve sales and interest among users. For starters, this is going to bring a lot of ups and downs Pixel 5A Smartphone for the country. This ensures that the stock of the phone is always available.

Pixel 5A design

Apart from that, in the long run, Google may also start making pixel phones in India. The company is looking to move some of its pixel manufacturing here. This will make it possible to sell the phone at the lowest price in the country. It can export the product internationally. Manufacturing will begin later this year, and the company may first launch ‘A’ series phones.

Coming back to the Pixel 5A, the phone will fetch a competitive price of around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000. The Pixel 4A has a good price and this is thanks to stock availability and camera performance. Google Pixel 5A Enabled Pixel 4A will be similar in June. Whether Google will bring the Pixel 6 to India is still a mystery.


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