Penta system to build application monitoring system, Toss Securities


Penta Systems Technology has announced that it has built an ‘application monitoring system’ to provide consistent services for the mobile security company Toss Securities Trading System.

According to the company, Toss Securities reviewed the monitoring solution for consistent start-up and operation of the trading system and selected and applied ‘TRANManager’ certified by POC and various sites. As a result, the company explained that it has built a consistent system that can monitor customer service and application status through a single comprehensive view.

The person in charge of Toss Securities Trading System said, “By setting up a system for real-time performance monitoring and immediate response to failures, we maintain the customer service system in optimal condition and through the collected performance data, we improve work, effectively monitor the operation system and Establish a basis for an optimal response environment. We can set it up, ”he said.

TransManager is a single transaction tracking solution developed by Penta System and constantly updates its performance to meet customer needs.

“Since we developed Trans Manager‌, we have gained many financial customers over the last 16 years,” said Jong-jun Zhang, President of Penta Systems.


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