OPPO F19 Pro Review: Nice, but not game changer


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My OPPO F17 Pro Review, I mentioned that the phone offers exceptional build quality, good looking AMOLED display and comfortable 30W fast charging support. What did a lot OPPO F17 Pro Attractive now heir, the OPPO F19 Pro. Fresh OPPO The phone also features a sleek and attractive design language, AMOLED display and 30W fast charging. In fact, the phone is similar to its predecessor in many ways, both good and bad. Price Starting At Rs 21,490, the OPPO F19 Pro is more affordable than the 5G-ready OPPO F19 Pro +. See here how the Vanilla Pro model works in this price segment in our review.


The OPPO F19 Pro does not seek to be too different from its predecessors, nor is it attractive instead of the company’s portfolio. Despite the attractive design and display, the lack of popular features such as a high refresh rate screen, 5G support and the new chipset looks worse than the competition.

OPPO F19 Pro Review


OPPO does not have to prove itself when making good phones. The OPPO F19 Pro is just another one on the list of attractive phones from the brand and it is very close to what the OPPO F17 Pro has to offer. The curved rear panel has a rough matte finish and the device comes in Fluid Black, Fantastic Purple and Crystal Silver colors. The Crystal Silver unit I received offers a classy and elegant look. Despite the rough finish on the back, the handset feels very slippery to hold. Double finish is good as it does not attract fingerprints or smudges.

OPPO F19 Pro Review

The OPPO F19 Pro does not look as light in hand as the F17 Pro did, which is probably due to a slightly larger battery unit. The new model weighs 172 grams compared to the previous model’s 164 grams. However, the OPPO F19 Pro feels great to hold and it does not strain your hands while watching media or playing games. The power button on the right and the volume buttons on the left give them a nice clickable feel. The phone comes with a Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a speaker grille at the bottom of the frame.

Similar to the F17 Pro, the OPPO F19 Pro gets a 6.4-inch FHD + (2,400 x 1,080) AMOLED display. Instead of a pill-shaped dual punch-hole camera, there is only one corner cutout at this point. Unfortunately, the F19 Pro does not come with a 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate, but you do get a bright and clear AMOLED panel. You will be very happy with the screen as it displays the great colors and ink blacks you expect from an AMOLED screen. White balance is good and the text looks sharp. I had no trouble seeing the screen under the bright sunlight.

OPPO F19 Pro Review

Although you can stream content in full HD resolution on platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, the experience is average due to the lack of stereo speakers. There you will find good and inexpensive options that offer stereo speakers and a better overall entertainment experience.

The OPPO F19 Pro comes with a similar camera setup as previously seen. Features a 48MP f / 1.7 primary sensor, 8MP wide angle lens, 2MP macro lens and 2MP mono camera. On the front, the phone gets a single 16MP camera. There is no big change in terms of camera performance here. With good exposure levels, vibrant colors and sharpness you will still get pleasant photos during the day. Dynamic range is iffy as dark areas of the image are not detailed.

The wide-angle lens suffers from the typical “wash color” problem found on some other phones. The lens is best used during the day, but you can also try it at night as it supports night mode. I was pleased with the macro lens as I was able to take some good looking closeup shots with good details. You can try tons of unique camera features like AI color portrait video, dual-view video, dynamic bouquet and night filters like Cosmopolitan, Astral and Dazzle. Some of these features work well if you know how to use them properly. Finally, the low light photography on the OPPO F19 Pro is quite average. The night mode algorithm does not work great in improving the brightness and clarity of the photo.

Retains the MediaTek Helio P95 chipset used in the OPPO F17 Pro. The chipset is one year old now and its age is not well. The chipset is pale compared to the MediaTek Dimension 800U and Snapdragon 732G, which power the RealMe Narzo 30 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. The OPPO F19 Pro’s Geekbench and AnTuTu scores are much lower than what RealMe and Redmi phones can score.

OPPO F19 Pro Benchmarks

Benchmarks aside, real-world performance does not take you away. The OPPO F19 Pro can handle basic everyday uses such as messaging, surfing on social media, web browsing and more. The phone seems to be slow in opening apps and has some stuttering while scrolling, but I have not encountered any serious logs or crashes. The gaming experience on the OPPO F19 Pro is far less ideal. The phone warms up a bit after just 15 minutes of gameplay. I also noticed the occasional frame rate drop while playing Call of Duty Mobile. Overall, the OPPO F19 Pro did not achieve top marks in performance as it had affordable phones that showed better performance.

OPPO F19 Pro Review

OPPO F19 Pro Ships with Color OS 11.1 based on Android 11. Positive skin from OPPO is very fluid and responsive when it comes to browsing via UI. It comes with pre-loaded apps from OPPO and third party publishers. You get apps like Snapchat, Solup, Flipkart, Facebook, OPPO Browser and more. Some of these apps cannot be uninstalled. I did not encounter any notifications from pre-loaded OPPO applications during the review period.

OPPO F19 Pro Review

The F17 Pro packs a 4,000mAh battery, while the OPPO F19 Pro comes with a slightly larger 4,310mAh unit. Increased battery capacity doesn’t really make much difference. The phone still offers full-day battery life from regular to heavy use, which I also got from the F17 Pro. In our PCMark battery test, the phone lasted for 13 hours 46 minutes, which is quite average. You get a 30W fast charger in the box, which takes about 65 minutes to fully charge the phone from zero to 100 percent. Again, it would be nice to see the OPPO fast charging solution upgrade to 50W here.

Final judgment

The OPPO F19 Pro comes with far fewer updates than its predecessor, which means the company played it safe with this. For those who already have an F17 Pro, you can pass it on and opt for the Prius OPPO F19 Pro + instead of the one that comes with 5G support. At a starting price of Rs 21,490, the OPPO F19 Pro comes with some good features like attractive AMOLED screen and great build quality. However, competition in this segment (even in the lower price segment) is fierce. You have phones Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (Review), Realme X7 (Review), OnePlus North (Review) And more that offer good total value for money. Some of these rivals also offer better performance, performances and 5G support.

Editor Rating: 3.5 / 5


  • Attractive AMOLED display
  • Good build quality
  • Good cameras


  • Average performance
  • Missing high refresh rate screen
  • No stereo speakers

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