OnePlus watch looks like this! See what we know so far


OnePlus Watch Launch It is set for March 23 and is officially set to go along with the OnePlus 9 series. Prior to the launch, OnePlus Watch pre-orders were broadcast live through retailers in China. The list also reveals some features of the device. There is OnePlus OnePlus 9 reveals design Series smartphones on its social media platforms, the brand wraps up the OnePlus watch design. A few days ago, the popular YouTuber Unbox Therapy OnePlus watch posted a unique render on Twitter that shows us what a smartwatch looks like.

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OnePlus Watch is pre-ordered in China

OnePlus Watch in JD

The list of OnePlus watches on the JD contains a picture of the smartwatch. This image shows the OnePlus watch from the same angle as the image shared by Unbox Therapy. The pre-order amount for the OnePlus watch was decided by the JD at CNY50 (approximately Rs.600). Those who pre-order the OnePlus watch through JD will get a CNY100 discount (approximately Rs.100). The list of OnePlus watch in JD confirms that the smartwatch will have Bluetooth and GPS.

OnePlus watch design leaked

The OnePlus watch rendered by Unbox Therapy shows that the smartwatch comes with a circular dial and curved glass. The dial has two buttons on the right side of the device. Since the left side of the smartwatch cannot be seen in the picture, we cannot confirm whether there are buttons on that side of the smartwatch.

As you can see in the picture, the OnePlus watch has a silicone strap with traditional watch strap mounts. The overall design of the OnePlus watch looks minimal and elegant, at least in the picture.

OnePlus Watch features beyond expectations

There is OnePlus Revealed The OnePlus Watch does not come with Google’s own OS but with its own operating system. The The OnePlus watch is expected to feature Comes in 46mm dial size and black and silver color options. It is said to feature heart rate and SpO2 sensors, 4GB of internal storage, IP68 certification, fitness tracking and warp charge technology that can provide power for up to 20 minutes a week.


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