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New OnePlus9 Yet Realme GT The two Snapdragon 888-powered smartphones were launched within weeks of each other. The OnePlus 9, the new flagship that captures all the highlights and offers specifications like Hasselblad camera, 65W wired charging, 120 Hz refresh rate, and will hit the Indian market on April 15th. The RealMe GT specifications are also on the same path and when the phone was recent AnTuTu has been cheated on the benchmark It is still an efficient device with top-of-the-line hardware. We already know Realme GT India Launch Also on the cards. So the real question is whether you should go for the new OnePlus model or just step back a bit and wait for the real‌m handset. Let’s take a look at the RealMe GT and OnePlus 9 price, features, specifications and design in India and see which smartphone emerged as the winner.

OnePlus 9 vs RealMe GT: Prices in India

Model Variant Price
OnePlus9 8GB + 128GB 49,999
12GB + 256GB 54,999
Realme GT 8GB + 128GB RMB 2,799 (~ Rs. 31,400)
12GB + 256GB RMB 3,299 (37 Rs. 37,000)

The OnePlus 9 prices in India The phone, which was launched last night, has already been officially announced. Its base 8GB + 128GB variant is priced at Rs 49,999 while the 12GB + 256GB option is priced at Rs 54,999. As mentioned above, the first sale date of OnePlus 9 in India is April 15, with an instant discount of Rs 3,000 for SBI credit card holders. The phone comes in Winter Mist, Arctic Sky and Astral Black colors.

When it comes to realme GT price, we do not know how much the phone will cost in the Indian market. However, we have China prices of the smartphone: The entry level variant with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage is priced at RMB 2,799 (approximately 31,400). Similarly, the 12GB + 256GB option of the phone costs RMB 3,299 (approximately Rs. 37,000). Looking at these prices, it can be estimated that the RealMe GT price in India should be less than the OnePlus 9.

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OnePlus 9 vs. RealMe GT: Features

As mentioned earlier, both the OnePlus 9 and the RealMe GT come with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The two smartphones use LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage, so there is not much difference. Unfortunately, no device comes with a microSD card slot. This reduces the real-time UI and software optimization provided by OxygenOS. Both the RealMe GT and OnePlus 9 support the same 4,500 mAh battery for faster charging at 65W, although the former uses OPPO’s Super VOOC technology, while the latter uses its proprietary internal technology. While the RealMe handset does not have wireless charging, OnePlus 9 buyers can enjoy 15W wireless charging speeds. Both smartphones have an under display fingerprint sensor and support Wi-Fi 6, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2 and no 3.5mm audio jack.

OnePlus 9 vs. RealMe GT: Display and Design

OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 9 specifications include 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED screen and HDR10 + certification

Once again, the RealMe GT and OnePlus 9 come with almost identical display specifications. Compared to the 6.4-inch screen of the RealMe GT, the OnePlus 9 has a slightly larger 6.5-inch FHD + Fluid AMOLED panel at 120 Hz. However, the screen of the OnePlus 9 is HDR10 + certified, which allows it to display significantly more colors compared to the RealMe GT.

Going into the design, the screen of the RealMe GT is protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The OnePlus 9 has the same protection on the front and rear. The former rear panel packs a little more pizza with its leather end and camera module design, while the latter gets a heavier protruding camera module with glass back and hazelblad branding.

OnePlus 9 vs. RealMe GT: Cameras

Due to the lack of Pro mode, 8K recording, etc., the RealMe GT camera lacks performance compared to the OnePlus 9.

Here OnePlus 9 is finally starting to take the lead over RealMe GT. It is the first smartphone to come with Hasselblood certification and packs a 48MP primary sensor, 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens and 2MP depth sensor. It also gets the new Hasselblood-powered Pro mode, which allows you to manually adjust ISO, exposure time, white balance, focus, etc. It features the RealMe GT’s 64MP wide angle lens, 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 2MP depth sensor. Both smartphones come with a 16MP module on the front. The OnePlus 9 also supports video recording at 8K 30 FPS, the RealMe GT is non-removable.

OnePlus 9 vs. RealMe GT: The End

Given the almost identical features of the device, it is difficult to say which one is superior. While RealMe GT offers better value for money, OnePlus 9 comes with guaranteed software and after-sales support that is unrelated to RealMe. In addition, the Hasselblood cameras in the OnePlus 9 give a precise edge over the rival. So, at least on paper, if you want a high power packed phone without putting a huge hole in your pocket, the real model is a good choice. On the other hand, if performance and cameras are what you want, without a budget limit, the OnePlus phone is a good choice.


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